Fast Cash Biz: Scam At Its Finest

By | December 19, 2015

Fast Cash Biz scamIf you are looking for ways to make money online, you have so many options today. You got internet marketing, paid surveys and there are even software programs for binary options trading. To be honest, most of those methods are not really lucrative and some programs are scams and do not work at all. If you are reading this article you are probably sumbled upon a program called Fact Cash Biz and now you are wondering if this software is legit. I had a closer look at it … now I only call it the Fast Cash Biz Scam! Here is what I found out.

What is Fast Cash Biz?

When I visited the website of Fast Cash Biz there was a video playing where the owners Madison Clark and David Graham talk about Fast Cash Biz. In the video they are acting like they would reveal some kind of Illuminati secret to the world, it´s just ridiculous, but it seems that those silly videos work, otherwise those scammers wouldn´t produce videos like cash biz fake

They call their software a shortcut to unlimited wealth …lol. Let me tell you something: I am making money from home with affiliate marketing, it is definitely possible and literally everyone can learn to make money online, but there are no shortcuts. This is the biggest myth in this “make money from home” niche. Everyone is looking for the quickest way, or for a shortcut. There are none. There only is hard work and dedication.

Fast Cash Biz is a software for binary options trading. The software is supposed to predict the market to give you the best chances to make money. Ehhhhm, you do not have to be an expert to know that it is impossible to predict the market. I would not call it a game of chance, but if you really want to get into stock trading, you should NEVER trust some weird program.

Fast Cash Biz is not for free!

The owners of Fast Cash Biz tell you that if you do what they are saying, you got a 99% chance of making six figures per year, Yaaaaaaay! Besides that joining Fast Cash Biz is for free, that means that you can shut off your brain and make money without paying for the software! Wooo! …Okay I am just kidding here, but I think you get what I am trying to say cash biz review

Of course Fast Cash Biz is not for free, you might be allowed to join for free, but if you want to get started you have to invest at least $250 with their associated broker which is Glenridge Capital.

Bottom line: This method will cost you $250 if you want to get started.

Don´t trust Glenridge Capital

Okay I did my research on this one and Glenridge Capital is not a registered broker, in fact it is just an internet based trading platform.

Further this trading platform also has an affiliate program, which means that they give other people the possibility to earn commission by referring people to Glenridge Capital. So most probably Fast Cash Biz is just an affiliate for Glenridge Capital and that is why joining Fast Cash Biz is for free, they do not really provide anything, they just referr you to the internet based trading platform and that´s cash biz legit

Why Fast Cash Biz is a scam

First of all Fast Cash Biz uses all kinds of manipulating marketing strategies to lure you into their membership. There are so many fake testimonials with pictures where you can see people with a check of Fast Cash Biz about over three million fast cash biz real

Further they have a timer which is supposed to force you to act quickly and join Fast Cash Biz. It says if you do not join within 5 minutes, the offer is going to expire … Well I waited 5 minutes and I still was able to join after that (Longest 5 minutes in my life, but I had to do it for my readers … lol I am such an apple polisher).

So you see, it´s just a manipulating strategy.

Madison Clark and David Graham are fake

I am sure you guessed it, the two owners of Fast Cash Biz do not exist. The real onwers of Fast Cash Biz just hired some actors …who are actually pretty bad. Further all you can see in the videos, the big mansion, the big private jet, it is all hired.

Weird huh? If Fast Cash Biz is sooo awesome, why did they have to hire all this? Why didn´t they take just real people who made so much money with Fast Cash Biz that they were able to afford the super expensive stuff? It is because those people do not exist, since Fast Cash Biz is not the shortcut to unlimited wealth.

Binary options

Binary options trading is a method of trading stocks and commodities, but you do not actually own those stocks and commodities, in fact you are only trading if the price will go up or down over a specified period of time. Usually this is between 1 and 5 minutes. So you see, this is gambling.

Software programs for binary options trading like Fast Cash Biz are supposed to predict if the price will rise or fall in that specified period of time. Now think about this: Stock prices are changing every second, how in the world is Fast Cash Biz supposed to predict if the price will go up or down?

Remember: They guarantee you that you are going to make six figures per year with it.
I think you know now that this is impossible and that is why Fast Cash Biz clear is a scam.

Avoid the Fast Cash Biz scam!

If you are looking for ways to earn money from home, do not look for shortcuts or programs which promise you that you are going to be rich in a blink. Believe me that is just not possible and you are only going to lose money if you buy those programs.

Here is how I make money from home

Over a year ago, I was just like you. I was looking for ways to make money from home. I have been scammed several times and it took me some time to find the right way.

Today I am making money with affiliate marketing. It is one of the easiest methods to make money online and you do not have to invest to get started. However you have to be willing to work and you have to be dedicated. Believe me, there is no method in the world which will show you how you can get rich quickly.

This online community provides an awesome training on affiliate marketing. The training is suited to beginners and don´t worry you can join for free.

This online community is what got me started and today I am making a consistent income online.

Get more information on this online community!

I hope that my review of Fast Cash Biz helped you.

If you have any questions, simply leave a message in the comment section. I will get back to you quickly 🙂
Have you ever been scammed by a program like Fast Cash Biz? Tell me about it in the comments!

All the best,


4 thoughts on “Fast Cash Biz: Scam At Its Finest

  1. Amos

    Thank you for the detailed review of Fast Cash Biz. I did not know that it is only an affiliate website for Glenridge Capital. They earn commissions on every cent you will spend inside Glenridge Capital. Wanted to try my luck with Binaries but l have noticed that it is like playing Lotto. l will definitively try out your recommended way to get started with affiliate marketing since it is free to join. Keep up the good work.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Amos,

      yeah it took a little bit of research to find out that they are involved with Glenridge capital.
      Good to hear that you try my free recommendation.

      If you stick with it, you will learn to make money online!

      All the best,


  2. The Simple Retiree

    All binary options programs are scams. ALL of them! They also deceive you by using paid actors in those video clips and pictures. People still fall for the get rich quick stuff, that is why they keep coming back. When will we learn? Sheesh.
    Great review on this scam, thanks for this.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Peter,

      you are right, unfortunately a lot of people fall for those scams, otherwise they wouldn´t pop up like mushrooms.
      I just hope that I can help some people with this review!

      Thank you for your comment.



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