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By | June 2, 2015

Email Promo Club ReviewEmail Promo Club is another product which is supposed to teach you how email marketing works. Email marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money online and you should really choose a good teacher/ training for that. Is Email Promo Club the product you need? Or is Email Promo Club just another scam? Here is my Email Promo Club Review.

Product: Email Promo Club
Overall Ranking: 20 out of 100
Price: $27
Owners: Edmund Loh

The website of Email Promo Club looks simple and good. It has a really clean design and there is no sign that this product could be a scam. So far so good! Let´s take a closer look at the program.

What is Email Promo Club

In the Headline of their website it says: Who Else Wants To Double Their Sales In A Day … Just Writing Emails!
By reading this I thought that this product is for internet marketers who are already experienced in email marketing but want to increase their sales.

However when scrolling down they tell you what you will learn from Email Promo Club. Then it seems that this product is also for beginners. Have a look at their 20-Part Training Course:

  1. Email Marketing Mastery
  2. What´s The Purpose of your Email Campaign
  3. How To Organize Your Email Campaign
  4. How To Create Credibility With Your Subscribers
  5. How To Create Rapport With Your Subscribers
  6. How You Should Write Your Emails
  7. Writing Headlines For Your Emails
  8. Writing A Call-To-Action In Your Email
  9. How To Write Content Emails
  10. How To Write Free Gifts Emails
  11. How To Write Promotional Emails
  12. How To Write Feedback Emails
  13. How To Write Emails That Generates A Response
  14. How To Properly Format Your Emails
  15. How You Must Write Your Own Emails
  16. How Often Should You Be Mailing Your List
  17. How To Track The Success Of Your Campaigns
  18. The Biggest Email Marketing MythWhat is email promo club
  19. How To Make Money From Your Subscribers
  20. Wrapping Things Up

By Reading the list of their training it seems like this is a detailed guide on email marketing. Is that the truth?
Well I give you a little hint: It is only ONE video on email marketing.

What I like about Email Promo Club

As I said you can make a LOT of money by writing just one good email. That means that you should know how to write emails to actually make money with it. That means you should know what a good subject line is or what a good writing topic is for example.

The video really shows you how to write better emails, so if you are already experienced in email marketing it will help you to improve your writing skills. (How to choose a good topic, better call to actions, great subject lines, personalized responses and so on.)

Edmund Loh, the owner of this product really knows how to create better emails. Unfortuntaley that´s it.

What I do not like about Email Promo Club

Although the video delivers some good information it is still pretty vague. If I buy such a guide I expect more details. The list of their 20-Part training course is definitely misleading. Nobody who is new to email marketing will really learn email marketing with Email Promo Club

The product may contain some good information on how to improve your emails, but it will not help you if you are a beginner.

Weird Audio

Do you know the voice of Google Maps? That is the voice of the audio of the video. I found it weird that Edmund Loh did not speak himself on the audio. The video is almost an hour long at it can be quite annoying to hear that robotic voice for so long. Besides that the voice is not always easy to understand, you really have to concentrate sometimes to get the words right.

Is Email Promo Club a Scam? My verdict

It may be not a scam, but the product does not deliver what it promises. I expected a beginners guide on email marketing, instead I only got a guide on how to write better emails. You can get some good information on writing better emails, but this is definitely not enough for beginners. So their sales page gives misleading information.Is Email Promo Club a scam

Special price??? Totally overpriced!

Further the product is totally overpriced. $27 for that is definitely too much!

Email Promo Club is not worth the money!

If you really want to learn how to make money you should consider to join a program with good support, You can´t expect to really learn how to make money online from a PDF or from a video which is one hour long. It takes a good training! My #1 recommendation is the best program I reviewed so far. It teaches you step-by-step how to make money with affiliate marketing.
They have a big community which is always ready to help and a great support. They always update their training and joining is for FREE!

Just take a little test drive there and see if this program is for you. If not you can leave without paying one dollar. No questions asked!

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