Effortless FB Profits Review – Will You Make Money on Facebook?!

By | April 28, 2015

How to do Facebook adsProduct: Effortless FB Profits
Overall Ranking: 51 out of 100
Price: $19 + upsells $17 (At the moment you can get it for 6$)
Owners: Art Flair, Anwesh Rath, David Kirby
Website: www.effortlessfbprofits.com

Okay Effortless FB Profits seems to be a pretty interesting product which teaches you how to make money on Facebook. The owners of this product don´t talk about a few bucks they are talking about big money.

They stated on their website that they add up to $16869,80 each and every month and that you can make regular 374,62 every single day.

Effortless FB Profits …hmmm that sounds to good to be true I mean making money on Facebook without effort? Will it really teach you some FB profit tactics? I think it really is to good to be true but let´s have a look at the actual product.

Effortless FB Profits – What is included?

It is a pretty long guide on how to make money on Facebook with Facebook ads. Actually it is 31 pages long. Normally I do not like guides that are too long since I always got that feeling that there is too much bla bla in those guides. Often times those guides waste too much words on praising the product itself and tell you how much your world is going to change.
Effortless FB Profits is no exception here. The first 7 pages are wasted on introducing the coaching program. Again I really think this is annoying since I think the whole world is in a rush and we want information fast and we want to go straight to our goal. In this case this would be Making money on Facebook with Facebook ads.
What do you think about that?

Make Money on FacebookIn fact you have to read your way through to page 10 or 11 to get to the stuff which is okay.

Here is how the Members Area of Effortless FB Profits looks:

  • Anatomy of Facebook ads
  • Types of Facebook ads
  • Costs of Facebook ads
  • Why use Facebook ads
  • Retargeting pixels

Does Effortless FB Profits work?

You can make money on Facebook with Facebook ads and I want to be fair here. The product is not really bad but I think it does not deliver what it promises.

The concept is definitely legit since you are only tracking who visits your Facebook page and target them with FB ads which are relevant. So these FB profit tactics definitely can work but the guide is not really thorough here althoug the numerous testimonials confused me a little bit.

Why do I think that?
If you buy a guide you want to see how it is done. I do not like all these generalized information today. For example everyone is talking about making money online but only a few people are showing you how it is done and let you watch over their shoulders. That is really annoying I feel like most of the people who want to sell stuff online want to catch me with a generalized message which has no value.
If I buy such a product I expect a thorough guide and I want to watch somebody of the shoulder to exactly see how it is done. Is that the case with Effortless FB Profits? NO! There was just one section where you could actually watch somebody over the shoulder.
Besides that there is only generalized information on FB ads and how they work. That is totally okay for beginners and it would be a legit product if does not tell you you would make a lot of money with this guide because that is simply not the case.

My opinion on Effortless FB Profits

The guide is okay. If you want to learn general stuff about Facebook Ads this product is okay.
If you really want to learn how to do Facebook ads this is not the right product for you. The guide does not teach you anything different from other Facebook ads guides and besides that it is just not thorough.

For example there was a point in the guide where it was said that you have to copy-paste some code on the page you´re sending the traffic to. However it was not really explained how to do that. Hallllooooo? What is wrong with that guide? Which newbie would know how to do that without a complete explanation?
I think there has to be a thorough Facebook ads guide which will really explain to you how to do Facebook ads but Effortless FB Profits isn´t. Again this product is not a scam in my opinion but it does not deliver what it promises.

It is worth the 6$ since it really teaches you the basics but it is not a thorough guide that will help you to make money.

Has anyone some experience with Effortless FB Profits? Would really like to hear what you think about this product. Just leave me a comment in the comment section below!
Do you know a guide that can really help you to make money on Facebook? Tell me about it! I´d love to review it!

Tired of programs which aren´t thorough and not really suited for beginners? Have a look at my #1 recommendation!

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2 thoughts on “Effortless FB Profits Review – Will You Make Money on Facebook?!

  1. Marlon

    Hey Pierre,

    That Facebook guide seems like a total waste of time. I guess it’s okay that they do give something for the $6, but if it does not do what advertise I don’t want it for free. Also I guess the main purpose of giving it away for $6 is to get us to buy all the extra stuff they are trying to sell.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Marlon,

      it is sad but you are right here. I think it is more to catch people and sell them additional stuff afterwards. Besides that a lot of people will say: “Why not it´s only $6”. I am sure there are better programs which teach hwo to do Facebook ads. Till that day the training at Wealthy Affiliate is more than enough!

      All the best,



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