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By | August 17, 2015

Deadbeat Super Affiliate ReviewAs you might know, I make money with affiliate marketing since I think it is one of the easiest ways to make money online. However you will not make money with affiliate marketing unless you have a good training. You can´t just start and try to make it on your own. That will get frustrating and you end up making not a single dollar. That is not what you want!
Deadbeat Super Affiliate is supposed to provide such a training, but is it really a good training? Let´s find out! Here is my Deadbeat Super Affiliate review.

Product: Deadbeat Super Affiliate
Overall Ranking: 35 out of 100
Price: $17
Owners: Dan Brock

What is Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

First of all this is one of the few programs which actually show you what you are going to get if you buy it. Most of the programs which are supposed to show you how to earn money online do not even tell you that. They only try to lure you with pictures of big cars or false promises. Yeah, it is sad that I have to mention that, but that is the ugly truth.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate provides a training for affiliate marketing. From the training you will learn:

  • How to set up a website – Here is my guide on that for free.
  • How to choose a niche for your online business – Here is my guide on that for free.
  • How to find Keywords – Here is my guide on that for free. ….(I am starting to laugh right now.)
  • Some kind of SEO training. -Here is my article on that for free.
  • How to place affiliate links.
  • How to sign up for affiliate networks.
  • How to build backlinks ….I will come to this later since I have to say something very important here.
  • How to write content. – Here is my guide on that for free.
  • How to create your own videos

If you do not want to click all of my links where you get advice for free, I recommend you to have a look at this guide here. It contains everything you need to know if you want to start with affiliate marketing.

 > This is my guide on how to start with affiliate marketing <

What I like about Deadbeat Super Affiliate

Deadbeat Super Affiliate legitSome parts of the training

Some parts of the training of Deadbeat Super Affiliate is definitely okay. Especially the part where the owner, Dan Brock, shows you how to find your niche. I thought that was explained well and it really showed you that you have to digg deep to find the gold. So kudos on that!

One of the Upsells

Yeah, I know what you think now: “Pierre, you think an upsell is good?” Sorry guys, normally I really hate upsells, since I just think upsells do not belong to a reliable business, but Deadbeat Super Affiliate contains one upsell which is quite good actually – Niche profit Classroom. Maybe I will create a review for that, we´ll see.

What I do not like about Deadbeat Super Affiliate

So far this review is quite positive in my opinion, but here comes the plot twist!

The Black Hat training

Dan Brock teaches you to hire people from Fiverr to send backlinks to your website to get good rankings in Google. This might work in the beginning, but in the end you will fail with such methods. Google will take notice of such black hat methods and they will punish your website. No good rankings for you anymore Mr. Black Hat!

Some parts are complicated

Some parts of the training are just complicated. For example the section where you are going to learn how to find good keywords. In my opinion this is very confusing for a newbie. To find good keywords, simply use very accurate keyword tools like Jaaxy. You will have no problem with that anymore.

The advice on content

Dan Brock recommends to create websites which have no more posts than four, which is a very bad advice. Content is king! The more content you have, the better your rankings in the search engines. Period.Deadbeat Super Affiliate scam

The upsells …well, the other ones

Deadbeat Super Affiliate contains three upsells and one of them is Google Sniper, which is a very bad program. I wrote a review on that before.

Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate a scam?

No, this program is definitely not a scam! If you buy this you are going to get something for your money, however in my opinion the advice you get is not very good. There are many other programs which provide better information. This here for example.

My Verdict

Deadbeat Super Affiliate might not be a scam, but the training you are going to get from it is not legit. If you follow the given advice and use the black hat methods you will eventually fail and end up with nothing again. So, no, I do not recommend Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate is not worth the money!

Sorry Dan Brock, even though it is not a scam, it is just not useful in my opinion.

Need a legit affiliate marketing training?

If you are really interested in making money with affiliate marketing you are going to need a training which teaches legit methods so you can build a reliable online business which will last for years! Affiliate marketing is not just creating a poor website and writing some articles. You are going to need a lot more if you want to be successful.
The training platform Wealthy Affiliate provides a free training for people who are interested in creating their own online business. They have over 400000 members who are very social and always willing to help. Simply have a look at my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

I hope that this Deadbeat Super Affiliate review is helpful for you!

Did you ever use black hat methods? Let me know in the comments below!
Any questions? Simply leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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