Constant Profit Factory Review – Is it a scam?

By | September 18, 2015

Constant Profit Factory reviewProduct Name: Constant Profit Factory
Owner: Stace Ace, Declan and Venkata
Price: $17
Rating: 30 out of 100

Chances are if you landed on my website here, that you are interested in a program called Constant Profit Factory and you just do not know if you should buy it. There are a lot of scams out there and maybe this program is another one. Maybe it is just useless and you won´t make money with it in the end. That might go through your head right now. Don´t worry my friend, I will help you with that. Here is my honest Constant Profit Factory. Hope you enjoy…or not! lol

What Is Constant Profit Factory?

On the website of Constant Profit Factory you can see an old lady who tells you that she uses Constant Profit Factory to make money online and OF COURSE it is sooo easy and everybody can do it. (That is why they used an old lady for this video.)

So Stace Ace and his friends Declan and Venkata (where did they get their names??) want to tell you that they reveal a very easy method to make bank online. Do you really think that is the case? I can definitely understand your doubts and why you first came to my website to see if you should invest the $17!

What this program is supposed to show you is how to buy and sell domains which are expired. Why should you even do that? Well, there is a small market for that. There are marketers who buy expired domains to create private blog networks.

What are Private Blog Networks?

I am not really into this stuff, because I think it is an absolutely useless method. However that makes it easier for me to explain it in a simple way for you if you are not experienced in internet marketing.

There are marketers who buy expired domains so that they can link to their main website. The idea behind that is that their main website will be ranked higher in the search engines since authority websites link to their main website.

So now that you see that their is a market for expired domains you want to know if you can really make money with Constant Profit Factory, right? Okay, let´s have a look at the training first.

The training of Constant Profit Factory

This is the most important section. Stace Ace and his friend market Constant Profit Factory as program which can be used successfully by absolute beginners, so the training has to be really detailed, otherwise no beginner will make money with it.Constant Profit Factory scam

Uhhh, catched Stace Ace with a duckface 🙂

Unfortunately this is not the case and I will come to that shortly.

The members area looks nice, it looks professional and you have the feeling that this is a good program at first. The training is separated in 4 Steps with up to 6 lessons which contain a couple of videos.  So it seems that this program really delivers some training and it really does.

However there might be a lot of content in Constant Profit Factory, unfortunately nothing there is explained well. I am a beginner too when it comes to buy and sell expired domains. That means I am just a normal person like you and I did not really understand what to do (even though I have experience in internet marketing).

Stace Ace shows you that you have to use a couple of tools to find the domains and I could just not understand why I should do this. All the tools shown in this program are really technical stuff and no beginner will understand what he or she is even doing.

Tired of programs with poor training?

Will you really be able to make money with Constant Profit Factory?

Constant Profit Factory legitI think you already know what my answer is. In my opinion this program uses a method which is totally complicated, or it just requires a lot of experience. I definitely know that no beginner will understand what he or she is doing there and in my opinion that is very important. Not only because of the complicated method, but also because of the poor explanation.

If you want to make money online you have to know what you are doing. That is what makes you good in the end, knowledge, experience. I mean just copying can work for some time, but you have to understand it to master it.

Constant Profit Factory might tell you that even an old lady who is 72 years old does make money with their program, but of course that is just marketing. Nope you won´t make $90 within 24 hours. I know it sounds great and that you might be tempted to join it, but in my opinion it is not worth the money and not worth the time.

Constant Profit is not worth the money

My personal way

If you really want to learn how to make money, my recommendation is: Get a good and well explained training.
I make money with affiliate marketing, but I would not be able to do so if I didn´t have a well explained and detailed training. If you want to know what got me started, have a look at my #1 recommendation.

So far it is the best program I reviewed. Everybody is different, so I do not know if my recommendation is for you. That´s the good thing about it, you can try it for free. Just take a little test drive there and see if you like it. If not, just leave and you did not lose one dollar.

I would love to hear what you think about my Constant Profit Factory review. Have you any questions? Would love to get some feedback!

Just leave a message in the comment section!

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