Captivate Your Readers Within 10 Seconds!

By | April 15, 2015

how to to keep visitors on your website The internet is a very fast world. People will click on your website and if they don´t get hooked in a blink they will be gone in a blink. They will click on the next results in the search engines and you will be forgotten before you can say commission. So you should make sure to captivate your readers. Here I will show you some important factors to captivate your readers quickly.

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Your website will be judged in a blink – 50 Milliseconds??

As you might know the first impression counts. That does not only takes effect when it comes to dating or something like that. Your readers will judge your website immediately. Most of them do not even know that they judge your website because often times it happens in the subconscious mind.

Some people say your website will be judged within 50 milliseconds. Others say your website will be rated within 3 seconds.

Within the first seconds your reader will know if they like your website or not. However don´t worry your are not at the mercy of the subconscious mind. There are a few things that you can do to make your website more appealing to your readers.

Okay maybe you have a little bit more time

Maybe the first impression counts but not all of your readers leave your website immediately if they don´t like your website. A lot of them stay and go on reading your content for a few seconds. So let´s say we have 10 seconds to completely captivate a reader.

Have a look at these 10 important factors.

10 most important factors to captivate your readers

how to decrease bounce rate!1. Loading time

As I said everything is fast today. Click here, click there, everybody is in a hurry and nobody wants to wait. If your website is too slow a lot of people will abort the loading and click on another website.

WordPress for example can get a little bit slow if you have a lot of addons. If your website is too slow you might consider to move your website to another server.

2. Error messages

Everybody knows that, everybody already got those messages and everybody hates it. If you have any error messages on your website say sayōnara to your readers. It is just dobius and most readers won´t forgive you such things if they visit your website the first time.

3. Layout

A good layout can be the key to captivate a readers. You can´t imagine what people perceive first when they come to your website it is really crazy sometimes. So in this case it is very important that reader perceive things first that will lead them to stay on your website.

There are a lot of cool tools out there that can help you to understand your readers and which tell you what your readers see first. However this is more for big projects but if you want to get serious you should try such tools.

4. Font

Of course your website should be beautiful but when it comes to the type of fond you should rather keep it clean and simple. It should be readable so don´t get crazy with colours or something like that. Black on white is always fine. Make sure that your fontsize is big enough to read it. Nobody wants to get a cramp in the eye while reading interesting content.

5. Colours

Keep your website simple!Colours are a big topic. Normally a white background with black fond is best because it is just simple and you can´t do anything wrong with that. I believe I heard one time that it even converts best but I am not sure about that so forget about it.

Colours are associated with emotions. Some might say you should do your research on colour psychology and that is totally okay, do that! Knowledge is power.

However not everybody has the same emotions when they see a colour. Some might think of lovely trees when they see the colour green. Another might think of the green liquor that made him vomit really bad and gave him the badest hangover in his life.

Basically just don´t get to crazy with the colours on your website. If it hurts in your eyes and some readers complain about decreasing vision after reading content on your website you are doing it wrong!

6. Quality

Quality can be a lot of things. It can be your content, it can be your images and so on. If you have an online shop you should always make sure that you have highquality images on your website. It just depends on what you are doing.

Create a high quality experience for your readers. Example: Take your time when you are writing your content instead of writing it fast just to get finished quickly.

7. Trust

This is very important. Most of the times you don´t only want your visitors to read your content you also want their money. That is okay but you should always make sure that your visitors feel comfortable.

Build trust by answering questions that most readers have in advance. Most people have questions because they are afraid that they will just lose their money and make a bad deal if they purchase the products you have on your website.

Pictures of yourself on your website can build trust because the readers knows that you are a real person. Not a robot or a monkey or something like that. Sounds weird but it´s a fact.

Certificates build trust too of course.

8. Advertisment

What do you think if you see a lot of advertisment on a website? You think that this website is dubious.
Don´t stuff you website with advertisment and banners and all that stuff. You can have some banners and something like that but the user experience should not suffer from that.

9. Navigation

Your website should be easy to navigate. People will use the navigation of your website. If they get confused because of that they will leave.

You can have the best looking website in the world if no one finds anything on your website it is useless.

Captivate the visitors of your website!10. Content

This is very, very important so pay attention to this one.
People come for your content. If they like you they want to know your opinion on something or they want your advise. If they don´t know you they want to be convinced by you and your knowledge.

You don´t have to make jokes on every post but you should always create high quality content for your readers with good information.

You won´t make more money just because you put a lot of advertisment on your website you will only lose your visitors trust.
That´s it! I hope this post was helpful for you. If you need help with your website because you don´t know what readers think about it, I recommend you to ask a friend to visit your website. He can tell you how he sees your website unbiased and tell you if he would trust you or not. Helped me a lot!
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What do you not like about websites? What upsets you when reading content? On the other side what captivates you? 🙂

Tell me in the comments below!


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