Better Avoid The Paydays At Home Scam

By | November 17, 2015

Paydays At Home reviewThere are so many programs on the internet which promise you to show you the “only” way to make money online quickly. I am sure you have already seen some of them. “Make 1000000000000000 within 5 minutes with this program!” ….LOL. There are definitely legit ways to make money on the internet, I know it, because I make money online. However there are also soooo many scams out there and you have to be very careful that you do not spend your hard earned money on those scams. If you stumbled upon this article here, I am sure you want to know if Paydays At Home is legit. Well, I have some good reasons to call it the Paydays At Home Scam. I am sure you are not going to like what I found out about this program. Have fun…

Paydays At Home is a duplicate

So I found Paydays At Home when I did my research on a program called Secure Home Profits. I searched for this program in Google and found the website When I clicked it, I was redirected to the website of Paydays At Home. Since I reviewed a lot of programs in the “make money from home” niche, I immediately knew that Paydays At Home had to be a duplicated program with poor quality.paydays at home scam

Further Secure Home Profits is not the only website with the exact same design of Paydays At Home. There is for example a popular scam program which is called Replace Your Job with the same design like Paydays At Home, or another example is Extreme Home Profits.

I already reviewed those programs and yeah, they are garbage. So, I am pretty sure, that you might already know now that Paydays At Home can´t be really good.

The Website of Paydays At Home

As I already told you, I found this program when I clicked on a website of another program. However Paydays At Home also has its own website and all I have to say is, that it does not look really professional and besides that there is another clear sign, that this program probably is a scam.

paydays at home legitThe availability check

This is what every scam program out there has in common so far. They all have this dumb availability check to manipulate unaware people. They want to make you think that there are limited spots, so you sign up quickly for there scam program. This is just a method used by shady internet marketers.

Other websites

There are even other websites of Paydays At Home. They all look like the typical scam websites which the owners of those bad programs make, to get more people to buy their program.It is almost funny, that they all look exactly the same.

All those websites of course have an availability check and a low quality videos.

The websites of Paydays At Home link to several scams

This is really weird and I wonder if all websites of Paydays At Home were made by the same person.

This is the main website of Paydays At Home and if you fill out the form (surprise, surprise: availability check) you will be redirected to another program called Online Home Cash which is already known to be a link posting scam. I will have a closer look at this program in the future, but I already did some research about it and it is definitely a scam. and

Those are the other websites which look like the typical scam websites. Both use the logo of Paydays At Home, however they do not link to Online Home Cash like the main website of Paydays At Home. They both link to another program called Creating Income System. I already reviewed this program and it turned out to be a hosting scam. paydays at home reviews

This is how those scam websites always look

What on earth is up with this program? Scams everywhere!

Is Paydays At Home a scam?

I think I do not have to tell you that Paydays At Home is a scam. It is just a duplicate and you will definitely not learn how to make money online with this program. The only thing I ask myself is, if all those websites of Paydays At Home belong to one and the same owner, or if somebody just used the design of Paydays At Home to get a piece of the cake.

Anyway, the only thing that should be really important to you is, that you should definitely not spend your money on Paydays At Home!

Stay away from the Paydays At Home Scam!

Don´t worry, it is possible to make money online and there are programs on the internet which can help you with it.

How you can make money online

You should know that you won´t get rich overnight. All those scams want to make you think that, but that is just not the truth. It takes patience, work and dedication to make money online. However with the right training, you will definitely learn to make money online and start your own business.

I make money with affiliate marketing, it is a legit method to earn money from home. This online community provides a great training for beginners on affiliate marketing and you can even join it for free.

If you a really interested in earning money from home, have a look at it.

I hope that my Paydays At Home review helped you.

Any questions? Simply leave me a message in the comment section. I always get back to my readers very quickly.

Do you have any experience with those link posting scams? Let me know in the comments below!



7 thoughts on “Better Avoid The Paydays At Home Scam

  1. Marc

    Thank you for your insight into this scam.
    I myself have tried many programs trying to make a little extra cash, only to waste time and money on scams.
    I am really pleased there are guys like you around to expose these scams for what they really are and to guide people to legitimate ways of earning money online.
    Please keep up the good work.
    Thank you.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Marc,

      I hope that you haven´t lost too much money while you were looking for legit programs on the internet.
      Glad that you like my website 🙂

      Thanks Mark!


  2. Kevin

    Great article!

    Having been burned in the past myself I find the key is due diligence. Take your time and investigate the offer properly, for me the biggest initial one is the accessibility of the man behind the program. Are they visible and engaging on social media?

    One thing – I do think there is a place for a ‘fear of loss’ offer. The availability checker as it is in this case, I suppose that it’s just how it’s used in context.

    Thanks for the information 🙂

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Kevin,

      thank you for your comment and your opinion.
      Yes, you are right, the “fear of loss” offer is not shady itself. However this availability check is not real, it is just a lie and I think that honesty is the best strategy to sell your products.

      But that is just my opinion 🙂



  3. Emily

    hi Pierre
    Oh how I hate those types of programs. When you click anywhere on their site and you are redirected to a thousand other sites and links! Really not a fan of them as you never get to complete the process basically. As it is not legit. They just take you from site to site and you do not learn anything at all that could be useful. So I agree, best to stay away from Paydays at home!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Emily,

      so you already have some experience with those programs? I see them all over the web and yes, you will be redirected from one product to another until you do not even know which program you actually wanted to buy, lol.

      Thank you for your comment!



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