AutoProfits Machine Review – Scam or Automated Profits?

By | September 18, 2015

AutoProfits Machine reviewProduct name: AutoProfits Machine
Owner: Edward Latto
Price: $7.46
Rating: 20 out of 100

AutoProfits Machine – How does that sound to you? That sounds good, right? Having an auto profit machine would be really great. Just lean back like Fat Joe, don´t lift a finger and make money. Chances are if you are stumbled upon this article here you want to find out if that is the reality with AutoProfits Machine and if you really can make money with it. Good news my friend, you are about to find out – you came to the right place. Here is my honest AutoProfits Machine Review.

What is AutoProfits Machine?

By reading the name of this program you could assume that it is some kind of an automated system that earns you money. Haha, of course it is not. In fact there is nothing in this world which will earn money for you automatically. However people still believe in things like that and hope that there is anything in this world which will make money for them.

AutoProfits Machine simply is a course which is supposed to show you how to make money with affiliate marketing. The course consists of one PDF and several videos (I think it were 6 videos) about affiliate marketing. Besides that it will show you how to avoid common mistakes people make when trying to make money with affiliate marketing.

Upsells again

After purchasing AutoProfits Machine you are bothered with a couple of upsells. The upsell is called Extreme Traffic Academy and it is supposed to drive extreme traffic to your website! Pretty funny, if you are a beginner you do not even really know what traffic is and if it is really that important, still you will be bothered with it.  (And what exactly is extreme traffic? LOL)AutoProfits Machine scam

Of course those upsells will costs a lot of money, however it will be market as a no brainer (sure).AutoProfits Machine legit

This is the exact same strategy that all low quality programs use. Create a program for a low price and after people bought it, bother them with upsells which are a lot more expensive than the actual program. I am getting tired of this stuff.

Also tired of low quality programs?

The Training of AutoProfits Machine

So as I said, AutoProfits Machine is supposed to show you how you can make money with affiliate marketing. Unfortunately the training is pretty basic and you will not really learn much from it. Affiliate marketing is a big topic and one PDF and six videos aren´t enough to explain you how to make money with it.

The course lacks ininformation and it is pretty annoying to follow it to be honest. Edward Latto, the owner of this program, isn´t really good in presenting what he wants to show you.

One thing I liked

There is one sectione where Edward Latto talks about sales funnels. A sales funnel can be explained as the way you lead visitors on your website to the programs you promote. (Just a little explanation for the beginners here :))
Edward says that most people who want to make money with affiliate marketing, do not really set up good sales funnels and that is why they do not make money with it.

He is absolutely right here and I just wanted to point out that his course also contains some legit information.

Is it really possible to make money with AutoProfits Machine?

I already said it and I say it again: Affiliate marketing is a huuuuuge topic and the information you will get from AutoProfits Machine isn´t enough to be successful at it. You have to get a thorough training which shows you step-by-step how to create a website, how to choose a niche, how to create content, how to get visitors to your website, how to actually make money.

AutoProfits Machine does not show you how to do that. Edward Latto wants to make you think that you just have to set up a small website, add a couple of posts and pages and boom you will make money. It CAN work, but most likely it won´t if you are a beginner.

Affiliate marketing definitely is a legit way to make money online. A lot of people do it and anybody who is interested can learn how to make money with affiliate marketing. However this course here will not help you to get started with it, even if it contains some basic information.

AutoProfits Machine is just too basic!

Affiliate marketing – The way I make money

I make money with affiliate marketing, so I really know how to do it properly. I think it is one of the easiest way to make money online, but it needs some time and you must be willing to work.

If you want to get started with it you should look for a training that let´s you test it for free, so you can decide if you really like it and if it is for you. Have a look on what got me started here.

I do not know you so I can´t tell if this is for you. What I can say, however, is that it helped me to make a consistent income with affiliate marketing. Further you can test it for free and if you don´t like it, you can leave without spending your money.

Before I finish this post I want to ask you for a feedback on my AutoProfits Machine review. Was it helpful for you? Do you have any questions?

Would love to hear it!

All the best,



2 thoughts on “AutoProfits Machine Review – Scam or Automated Profits?

  1. Peggy Menke

    Hello, Pierre. This is an awesome review on the AutoProfits Machine. It really does sound like its too basic to be successful. I too have made money with affiliate marketing and you really do need lots of training to make money. Keep up the great work with your reviews!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Pegge,

      thank you for your comment!
      Yes, you definitely need someone who explains it to you in detail.



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