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By | August 17, 2015

automated wealth network reviewAutomated Wealth is another product which is supposed to show you how to make money online. The owner of this product, Tim Chesonis, says that this is possible with incentive marketing. To be honest, till now I never heard of incentive marketing, but the little man in my ear tells me right now that something is fishy here! Not online incentive marketing sounds weird somehow, the name of the product, Automated Wealth, makes me being attentive. There is no such thing as automated wealth. You always have to work for your money and put some effort in it!
Let´s have a closer look at Automated Wealth to see if the little man in my ear is right! Here is my Automated Wealth review.

Product: Automated Wealth Network or AWN
Overall Ranking: 5 out of 100
Price: $20-60 + monthly subscription charge $27 a month
Owners: Tim Chesonis and Michael Cocan

What is Automated Wealth Network?

If you go to the website of Automated Wealth you will see one of the owners, Tim Chesonis, in a more or less short video talking about how he and his business partner (Michael Cocan) found a way to create an online income which is totally free.
Meeep! Nothing is for free, the man in my ear is screaming again. If you really want a good product, it will cost something, maybe there is a free membership as in my #1 recommendation, which is the best product I reviewed so far, but if you really want to go deep, you gonna have to pay something. This is how business works, fellas!

automated wealth reviewAfter giving your sign up details the owner will explain you what incentive marketing is. I don´t want to bore you here, incentive marketing is affiliate marketing. Tim Chesonis and his buddy Michael Cocan only created a fancy name for their method. That´s okay, it´s marketing, although not very honest.

If you step inside the members area you will realise that being a member at Automated Wealth, or AWN, might be free, but everything inside the members area is locked, so no real valuable information till now. In the first video you can watch you will be introduced to a program called My Cash Freebies. This is a marketplace for companies to place their ads.

If you want to unlock the next tab in Automated Wealth , you have to get 1 Credit in My Cash Freebies first. You can get Credits by purchasing offers through an ad there, so you will come to a point where you will be asked for your credit card!

Tadaa! I thought this crazy incentive marketing stuff is for free? Not cool, Timmy!

How to make money with Automated Wealth Network?

It was a little bit hard for me to figure that out. You can make money by referring people to Automated Wealth. Your referrals have to join AWN and earn their first credit in My Cash Freebies.

automated wealth network scamIf your referral goes through the sales funnel of Automated Wealth, like you did, he will be introduced to a programm which is called Power Lead System. The Power Lead System provides stuff like Google Hangout Pages, Video Sales Pages, Link tracking and so on. I won´t go to deep into the Power Lead System here since that requires a whole new review.

Here it comes! The way you can make money with Automated Wealth Network!

If your referral decides to sign up for the Power Lead System which costs $27 a month, you will NOT make money! Why? Cause you have to sign up yourself at Power Lead System first. As a customer for $27 a month and as an affiliate for $23.97. That means you have to pay $50.97 a month if you want to make money at all. Cool huh?… Not really!

For that money you can get a training here which is way better than that, besides that you can get the help of a community of 400000 members who are all satisfied with the service of the training platform I am talking about.

The training at Automated Wealth Network

You will get to know how Automated Wealth works and basic stuff like setting up a website, or setting up a twitter account or a facebook account. Not really valuable information, this information can be found everywhere. Wanna know how to set up a website within 30 seconds? Here! See? It is that easy.

What I like about Automated Wealth Network

Nothing, to be honest. They do not provide any high quality information.

What I do not like about Automated Wealth Network

The Training

automated wealth network legitThe training is not thorough and you will not be able to create your own business. Useless!

The way you can make money

I think this way to make money sounds pretty complicated and it is impertinent that I do have to pay so much money first if I want to make money at all.

The dependency on AWN

If you want to make money here you need Automated Wealth since you have to referr people to AWN. If AWN does not exist anymore in 5 years or so, you will end up having nothing. You will not have your own business! If you start your own website and create your own business you are independent and you can make money with affiliate marketing the way YOU want! Wanna know how this works?
Here is my step-by-step guide!

False promises!

If somebody says it is free although it involves costs, that is a lie! You have to pay in order to make money with AWN, that is not what they told you in the first video.

Is Automated Wealth Network a scam?

In my opinion it is a scam! The program does not really deliver what it promises and that whole incentive marketing stuff was weird and reputable. It does not provide really good training, it is okay, but you can get a lot of better things and most of it you can find on the internet for free.

My Verdict

I do not recommend you to join Automated Wealth. It is just a waste of time! It seems like the man in my ear was right 🙂

Automated Wealth Network is a scam!

My final thoughts

If you want to make money online, I am sure you do not only want to make money for the next two years. I am sure you want to build a business which generates income for a very long time. You can do so! Affiliate marketing gives you the chance to make money with thing you like, with your passion! If you want to know exactly how this works, have a look at my Affiliate marketing guide here.

I make money with affiliate marketing and I really like it. If you want to know how I do that and what got me started you should have a look at my #1 FREE recommended program.

You know, obviously I do not know you, so I can´t say if this program I recommend is for you. What I can say, however, is that my recommendation is for  free. So you can take a little test drive there and see if you like it. If not, you can just leave without paying one dollar. No questions asked!
I hope that my Automated Wealth Network review is helpful for you and saved you some money 🙂

Any questions? Leave me a message in the comments below and I will be happy to help you out?
Do you want to start your own online business, or do you already have one? Let me know in the comment section!

All the best,


2 thoughts on “Automated Wealth Network Review

  1. Maureen

    I read all of your comments above about the Automated Wealth Network. I had already signed up for it (free) but decided to investigate a little anyway. While the comments above make some sense, when I went to the site that you DO recommend as the best you have found, it seems that all of the claims and offers they make are almost identical to the AWN. What is the difference between the two, making one good and the other not? And hopefully, it’s not because you joined the Wealthy Affiliate and not the other so are trying to promote it.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Maureen,

      thank you very much for your comment! Good question and I am happy to answer it.
      Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform which teaches you everything about affiliate marketing. As a free member you get 2 free websites, free hosting, the help of the community and much more. They show you how you can make money regardless of your skills, passions, or whatever.
      That means they show you how to create a website about a topic that YOU like, how to get traffic, how to get high rankings in the search engines, how to write good and converting content, how to make money and so on.
      You do NOT have to promote Wealthy Affiliate, that is totally up to you. If you want to make money with a website about motorcycles, you can do that and Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to make money with your website. No problem!
      Although they also have a Premium Membership, the training they provide is absolutely free, just type in your email address and you can start with the training and your free website! They will not ask for your credit card at some point like in AWN.
      Wealthy Affiliate exists almost 10 Years now and as I already said in my reviews, they have over 400000 satisfied members.

      AWN on the other side only shows you how to promote AWN. What will you do if the website of AWN eventually shuts down? Then you have no business anymore.
      The training they offer is not as thorough as the training of Wealthy Affiliate.
      Further all that stuff with My Cash Freebies is really dubious.
      If you are looking for a good training on how to make money online, what do you expect? Right! You expect a good training! So why do you have to earn credits in AWN at My Cash Freebies?

      I promote Wealthy Affiliate, because I wanted to. I promote it with a good feeling, because I know it can help a lot of people who want to make some money online. It can help people who already fell for one of the many scams out there.
      My website already generates a consistent income, only with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

      I hope that my comment was helpful for you! If you want to give Wealthy Affiliate a try and connect with me, you can do so here. Connect with Pierre.

      If you have any further questions, just ask!

      All the best,



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