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Hey,I am Pierre and I am an internet marketer. I started with internet marketing since I had enough of working for others and going to my 9 to 5 job. Now I make money from home and I help others to do the same and I help others to avoid scams!Further my goal is to make a million dollars and I keep you updated about my progress here on my website.

Is Online Wealth Markets A Scam? Why You Will Only Lose Money

Online Wealth Markets scamProduct name: Online Wealth Markets

Price: $4.95 Trial (Downsell: $1.95) + $250 Investment
Rating: 0 out of 100

If you are reading this article, you are probably interested in programs that are supposed to help you to make money from home. Well maybe you have already noticed that most of the programs which promise you things like that are scams. Online Wealth Markets is such a program which promises you that you can easily make a lot of money with it. To me, things like that immediately sound fishy, but is Online Wealth Market a scam? I had a very close look at this program. Here is what I found out.

Short review

I know that a lot of you guys, do not have the time or patience to read the complete article, this is why I created a short review for your here.
Online Wealth Markets never really reveals what they have to offer or how you are going to make money. The truth is, that Online Wealth Markets is just a binary trading software, which they call the Online Wealth Markets App. Such binary trading softwares do not work and are more like gambling.

Further they want you to invest $250 after you have joined the trial membership for $5. So the real price is $255.

A lot of people already claimed that they lost all their money with Online Wealth Markets and that they get bothered with phone calls by people who wanted to sell them random stuff after they entered their phone number in Online Wealth Markets.

This is a complete scam a lot of people already fell for.

My Recommendation: If you are really looking for a way to earn money online, I recommend to have a look at this online community here instead of joing the Online Wealth Markets scam.

Doing a little bit of research

Doing my research on Online Wealth Markets was pretty easy to be honest. I knew within 1 minute that this program won´t help anybody to make money. When I did a search in Google, the first page was full of fake review sites which tell you that Online Wealth Markets is definitely legit and that you do not need to worry about it being a scam.

Online Wealth Markets reviewFurther I found a couple of websites of Online Wealth Markets. The main website seems to be The website has that typical layout, most cheap scams use. In the top of the website you can always see some logos of well known companies. In this case it is Apple, Nike, Google, Coca Cola, Amazon and Facebook. This means absolutely nothing. Scams like this use those logos to fool you. They want to make you think, that their website/program is a trusted program by big companies. The logos are not clickable and they are not really accurate, so no one could sue them for using their logo without permission.

The other websites of Online Wealth Markets, for example, look a little bit different then the main website, but they also have a pretty cheap layout, most scam websites use.

I really have seen a lot of scams using this layout. Fore example Online Cash Source, or Creating Income System. They might not use the same colour, but you can tell that they look very similar.

What is Online Wealth Markets

It seems that Online Wealth Markets is one of those online jobs where you just have to do things like data entry or something like that. They use phrases like “working from home” or “no prior online experience required”. However in fact, Online Wealth Markets is nothing more that a binary trading software. They call it the Online Wealth Markets App.

What is a binary trading software?

I know that a lot of people actually do not know what a binary trading software is, so here is a short explanation for you. Binary options trading is a very simple from of trading which becomes more and more popular, since it seems to be so easy. (Making money is never easy)

I like to compare binary options trading software to gambling and here is why: A binary options trading software predicts the market for you. For example, the software “guesses” for you that the price of oil will rise in the next minutes. It will place a bet for you of, let´s say, 100 bucks. If the price of oil will really rise in that time, you win a percentage of the amount you have bet. If the software was wrong, you will lose everything.

Do you understand now, why I compare it to gambling? No one can predict the market for such a short period of time, that is why trading softwares like Online Wealth Markets do not work.

They lure you into their membership

To make it seem more legit they tell you that you only have to pay around 5 bucks for a trial of Online Wealth Markets, so you can see yourself that this is a legit program. In the beginning you might think: “Well, only around 5 bucks! Why not? I´ll give it a try.” However this is exactly what those scammers want. They want to lure you into their membership and after they got you, they will persuade you to buy more stuff.

Here is what happens after you bought the 5 bucks trial membership. They will show you why their binary options trading software is so good and why you will make so much money with it. You will be told that this software has a success rate of over 80% and even if you lose one time, you will win back you money multiple times, so you can´t really lose. This is all just a fake. They only tell you that so you deposit around $250 with Banc de binary, which is the recommended broker of Online Wealth Markets.

The real price of Online Wealth Markets is $255

Yes, you read right, the 5 bucks trial was just a bait, you will have to pay around $255 bucks in total for this program, otherwise you can´t get started.
After you have deposited the 250 bucks, the program is okay for around a week, after that you won´t succeed anymore. You most probably will lose all your money and all what´s left is you, realizing that you just fell for a scam.

You do not believe me? You want hard evidence? No problem. Have a look at the reviews below. These are all written from people who tried Online Wealth Markets, they all have been scammed and they lost their money. The reviews are from a website which promotes Online Wealth Markets. The owner of this website answered all the questions of people who needed help joining the program. However he never replied to any of the questions and reviews of all the people who have been scammed.Online Wealth Markets legitOnline Wealth Markets reviews

This is not only the proof that this software is a scam. It is also a proof that there are many fake reviews of Online Wealth Markets.

The 1-on-1 coaching call

The trial of Online Wealth Markets includes a 1-on-1 coaching call. That is why you also have to enter your phone number if you want to join Online Wealth Markets. I know that such a coaching call might seem good to a lot of people who just want to get help, who just want someone who shows them how to make money online. Well, I am sorry to say that, but you won´t be coached in those calls. In fact you will be called by slick salesmen who want to sell you stuff you do not need. Those calls won´t end so quickly, as you can see in the review below, this person wanted to quit their membership as soon as possible, to top the calls.Online Wealth Markets app

Those people will call you with an anonymous number so you can´t block them. Hopefully you do not need to get a new number.

Is Online Wealth Markets a scam?

I think I do not really have to explain why you won´t make any money with Online Wealth Markets. This program does not make a lot of money by selling you the trial membership. In fact they make money by referring a lot of people to the Banc de binary, which is the broker Online Wealth Markets will referr you to. Everytime you make a trade with the Online Wealth Markets app, they will earn a commission from that.

The success rate of such trading software is very low and as you might have seen above, many people already lost all of their money, because they trusted Online Wealth Markets.

Further you will be bothered with a lot of phone calls that are disguised as 1-on-1 coaching calls. Unfortunately you won´t receive any training here, all they trying to do is selling you useless stuff.

Is it a scam? In my opinion it definitely is. They claim that they show you teh easy way to make money and that you do not need any prior experience for that. That might be true, but nobody told you about the risks of such binary trading softwares. I would never recommend to buy Online Wealth Markets.

Online Wealth Markets is useless!


If you really want to make money online, you should not rely on your luck while using binary trading softwares. Trust me, you will lose. Instead I recommend you to make money with something you really like.

Yepp, that is possible! This online community below showed me how I can make money from home with things I really like. They offer an awesome step-by-step training on how to make money online with things you like … for free.

This is the program that got me started and till now it is the best program I have reviewed so far and one of the few programs in this niche that really work. Interested?

Get more information on that online community!

I hope that I could save you some bucks with this review.

Have you ever used any binary trading softwares? Let´s talk about it in the comment section below!
If you have any questions, simply leave me a message in the comment section below. I usually get back to my readers quickly.

All the best,



Is Points2Shop Legit? The Ugly Truth About This Site

Points2Shop legitOkay, so I have heard about another website which is an opportunity to make money online. When it comes to those sites, I am very sceptical to be honest. I have joined a lot of sites like Points2Shop. However I was never really able to make an acceptable amount of money in a short period of time. Besides that a lot of those sites scammed me and I have never seen the money that I have earned there. Even though it wasn´t a lot of money, you can imagine I was very disappointed and angry.

So the question is: Is Points2Shop legit? I wanted to find out and joined this site. See what you have to do to earn money there and if it is really legit. Here is my Points2Shop review.

Short review

I know that a lot of my readers do not have the time for reading a huge article. They just want the quick info and I absolutely understand that. So for all of you who do not want to spend too much time on getting the info, the short review is for you. For more details just continue to read.

Points2Shop is a website where you can earn points by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos. The earnings are very, very low, you should not expect more than 1 buck per hour. When I joined I wasn´t even able to watch videos, which is the easiest way to earn points and I did not get any welcome points.

Many people say that their account was shut down as soon as they had a lot of points and wanted to get a reward for that.

Further Points2Shop has a very addictive taste, they want to stay their member on their site as long as possible (the longer you stay on their site, the higher the chances for them to make mor money.) They also make money by using affiliate links on their website.
I would never recommend this site to any of my readers, there are a lot of better ways to make money online.

My recommendation: The better alternative

If you are interested in making good money with things you love, have a look at this online community.

The website of Points2Shop

So I visited the website of Points2Shop. The first thing I noticed were all the testimonials where people told about their success with Points2Shop. They even said how much money they were able to make with this website. All those people took pictures of what they have bought with the money they have made there. Besides a music album and a Hello Kitty purse, which was weird enough, I have seen a testimonial of a person who said that he bought a PS3 with the money he made on Points2Shop. Further he said that he made around $1000 there and it didn´t take long at all.Points2Shop review

I mean, okay it is not really an evidence for a fake testimonial, but we have 2016, this guy made around 1000 bucks and did not go for the PS4? A little bit weird, but okay, maybe it was an old testimonial.

The video on the website says that Points2Shop has millions of members, they would never charge me any money and that I could earn money or points there. I was really curious if this was true, since I have never seen such a site allowing you to earn money directly. All of those sites normally let you earn points which you can redeem for gift cards or something like that.

Well, it sounded good so far. Here is what I found out when I joined.

I joined Points2Shop

Most of those sites ask you a lot of questions when you join them. However I found the question at Points2Shop a little bit weird. They asked me what I do for a living and if I have kids and how old my kids are.

Here are the questions (not the exact words):

  • What is your employment status?
  • What is your zipcode?
  • Do you have kids? What age? More than one?
  • What is your job title, level or responsibility?
  • What is your household income?

Even though it is a multiple choice question (you do not have to give them the exact numbers) I thought that those were very personal questions. I understand that they have to ask you that if you want to take surveys, but it was a little bit too detailed for my taste. Don´t you think?

The funny thing is, that the system did not save the details I have entered. It was set back all the time as soon as I hit enter. I even received a code on my email that I´d have to enter to get my welcome points. However there was no explanation where I should enter this and as I said, my entered details were set back all the time. I even tried it on a few other days, but it never worked. So I never got any welcome points.

How you can earn money at Points2Shop

After I have registered and filled out the form in the beginning I wanted to know how I can make money on Points2Shop. I have learned that there are several ways to make money online.

Taking surveys actually worked for me. Before I accepted the survey I had to enter some details about me again, which took around 5 minutes or so. After that I was able to take a survey. Most of those surveys take 15- 20 minutes. You will get around 50 to 60 points for that. Hmmm… did you do that math? If a survey takes around 20 minutes and the pre surveys take around 5 minutes, you earn around 60 cents in 25 minutes. In my opinion that isn´t very lucrative and it is definitely not worth my time.

However I have to admit, getting points by taking surveys worked. I was never kicked out while taking a survey (happened to me a lot of times on other survey sites.) Further you will always be redirected to other websites to take those surveys. Till now I have not seen a survey by Points2Shop itself. It seems that they only referr you to those survey sites, which also means that some sites might not be legit survey sites and you won´t get any points for taking the survey, because you will be kicked out in the middle of the survey.

I actually started to get worried here. Of course I know that offers mean that you have to pay money for it. For example you could register at an Online Casino and get 2400 points for that. However you do not only have to register there, you also have to cash in $15 to get the points. You can also buy Amazon gift cards and get money for that. What I found weird here was, that I do not get directed to Amazon directly if I clicked on this offer. I was directed to a site called I did not find any reviews on that site, so I do not know if it is legit at all. What I can tell you is, that I absolutely do not feel comfortable with buying Amazon gift cards from other sites than Amazon. Would you? There are also other offers where you could earn points for buying stuff for $45 for example at a particular site.

Earn money by viewing videos 
Sounds good doesn´t it? Earning videos by just looking a video seems to be the easiest way to gain points there. However you do not get a lot of points for one video. Actually you only get one point per video. You have to keep in mind that 100 points are worth one dollar. That means you get only 1 cent for watching a video. It is better then nothing, but is it worth the time? absolutely not!

Besides the low earnings, you can´t really watch a lot of videos per day. I wasn´t able to watch even one video. When I clicked on a video the site always told me that there are currently no offers available in this category. I did not watch one video before, this was my first try. See yourself, I made a screenshot:Points2Shop scam

Earn money by playing games 
Playing games worked too. In my case it was a very annyoing Quiz with only 3 questions. The first question was easy, but the last two questions were pretty hard. Every time you chose the wrong answer (you always had to chose one of four answers) you had to do the whole Quiz again. Pretty annoying and only got me two points. So 2 cents for getting on my nerves.

The other games were like: “Register and play until you reached level 6 to get your points!” The rewards very from 50 points to 100 points there. In my opinion the games are not fun at all and it took quite a while to actually reach the level I needed to get my reward. I´d say I mostly needed around an hour or more to get my reward. Please note that you can´t just leave the game open while surving around the web. You actually have to play the game and reach a particular level to get your reward. Otherwise it would be very easy.


You won´t make much by referring people to Points2Shop. It says you can earn up to 15% of what your referrals make and a cash bonus of $1.50. That´s nothing. Keep in mind that you probably most people probably earn only 1 to 2 bucks per hour – I made around 60 points in 25 minutes. Do the math, you won´t earn much from that, if I would be your referral. I make around $100 per sale with basic internet marketing that everbody can learn easily.

Further this is probably the hardest way to make money for “normal” people. In the first moment you might think that this is an awesome way to make a few bucks. However if you think about it, who would you really want to invite here? Most probably your family members and a few friends. Who else? Most probably you won´t be able to invite more people than that. People who could make a little bit of money here are internet marketers, who build a website and referr people to Points2Shop. I am an internet marketer and could do that.

Would I really referr people to Points2Shop? You know, learning to build a website and make money with it, isn´t hard at all and if you get into that topic, you also learn that there are many, many better ways to earn money with your website then referring people to Points2Shop. This isn´t lucrative at all.

Wanna learn to make $100 per sale? This is what got me started!

You can also take part in a contest to win money there. This is actually a method where you can earn money directly. I have not seen any other methods to make money directly at Points2Shop. You have to be on one of the first ten places to win a prize. To win you have to earn points at Points2Shop, complete surveys or referr people to the site over a particular period of time. Most of the time it was a month.Points2Shop contests

Contests are:

  • Daily Survey Contests
  • Completion Contests
  • High Value Contests
  • Referral Contests

However the earnings are not really high here, but it is better than nothing.

  • First place: $15
  • Second place: $12
  • Third place: $10
  • 4th place: $8
  • 5th place: $6
  • 6th place: $5
  • 7th place: $4
  • 8th place: $3
  • 9th place: $2
  • 10th place: $1

You could also join a team inside Points2Shop and donate Merits to your team that you have earned inside points to shop. I will explain below what merrits are. The prices for that are different. Keep in mind that you have to share the win with your team. It depends on how many members your team have, but I am pretty sure that you see, that this isn´t very rewarding.

Rewards for the Team Merit Contests:

  • First place: $30
  • Second place: $25
  • Third place: $20
  • 4th place: $15
  • 5th place: $12
  • 6th place: $10
  • 7th place: $8
  • 8th place: $6
  • 9th place: $4
  • 10th place: $2

The Lottery

There is also a Lottery at Points2Shop. To take part you have to spend Tickets. By winning the Lottery you can earn points or more tickets to take part in the Lottery. More tickets can be earned by posting in the forum of Points2Shop. However you have to write good posts, because whenever a post of you gets flagged as spam, Points2Shop will take one lottery ticket from you.

The Honor Levels

There is also a way to earn money by increasing your level in Points2Shop. To increase your level you basically have to spent a lot of time on the site. Like the posts of other people. Earn a lot of points, withdraw something and so on and so forth.

The Levels are:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Elite
  • Diamond
  • Legend

By getting higher levels you can earn points sometimes. Further you also get some thing nobody really needs, for example your username will become green in the shoutbox if you reach the Diamond level. Who the hell needs that?

Earn Points, Merrits or Cash

You can earn points to get some rewards in Points2Shop. They might say that you could also earn cash directly, but the only way you can do that is by winning contests, which might be extremely hard unless you are unemployed. Merrits can be donated to your team (if you joined one) in a contest. The more Merrits your team earned, the higher the chances to win a little amount of money in a contest. Worthless!

The Prizes

There are actually a lot of things you could spend your points on within Points2Shop. They have a lot of gift cards which is pretty standard for sites like this. However you can also get a lot of stuff from Amazon. However it only seems to be from Amazon UK which makes me wonder, if really everybody in the world can get those pizes. There is another thing I found out which is pretty ugly, to be honest.

The ugly truth about those prizes

I have had a closer look at the prizes from Amazon. I clicked on an IPad Air to see how many points I´d have to earn before I could get one of those. It was around 8000 points, but that is not the interesting thing here.pints2shop scam

If you do not have enough points, they suggest you to purchase the item directly from Amazon. There is a button which says “See this product on Amazon”. This button actually is an affiliate link, which means that they do not only make money by letting you take surveys for them, they also make money through affiliate marketing. In other words, they referr you to Amazon and if you buy something, they get a commission from that.

Points2Shop complaints

Even though you can´t earn much from Points2Shop and even though they make money through affiliate marketing, the sites seemed to be okay. However I did my research and found people who had lots of problems with this site.

For example there were people who earned lots of points and tried to get a reward for that. However as soon as they have chosen their prices, Points2Shop shut down their account and claimed that they were cheaters. You think this happens by accident? Absolutely not. I have reviewed a lot of survey sites and I have seen this problem on almost all of those sites. This is just a shady tactic from the owners of those sites, they want to save some money.

Besides that, if you have entered your phone number, while signing up for Points2Shop or any of the other survey sites they referr you to, it might happen that you get a phone call. A phone call of a slick salesman who only wants one thing: Your money! I suggest to hang up immediately. In most cases those phone calls won´t take an end quickly… be prepared.

Is Points2Shop a scam? My verdict

Okay, you know that I am very sceptical when it comes to those sites. I do not like them and a lot of them are totally scammy. Points2Shop might not be a scam, but in my opinion it isn´t a good opportunity to make money online.

Yes, I was able to earn points by taking surveys, but keep in mind how low the rewards was. You can make between $1 and $2 per hour. That is nothing. In my opinion this is a complete waste of your time. I´d rather spend my time with the people I love before I sit in front of a computer for hours just to make a few bucks.

I also noticed that the owners of Points2Shop have a very good technique to keep you on the site the whole time. They reward you for taking a lot of surveys, for earning a lot of points. They have a lottery, they want you to take part on contests. They have Honor Levels! This is not for you to have fun, they want you to stay on the site the whole day.

Further they shut down accounts with a lot of points which is definitely a red flag. That is a technique most survey sites use and you can tell that they shut down accounts on purpose, just to save money.

So would I recommend to join Points2Shop? No, I would absolutely not recommend to join it. Not only it is a complete waste of time, because the earning potential is so low, I also found it a little bit frightening how hard they try to make people stay on their site. It really has an addictive taste.

Is Points2 shop legit? In my opinion Points2Shop is a waste of time!

Some people might be happy with that, what they can earn at Points2Shop. However there are so many ways you can earn money online and believe me, you can earn much, much more!

What I recommend if you want to make money

I know that survey sites are so appealing to a lot of people, because they think they could make money quickly there.

If you really want to make some money online, you have to give it a little bit of time. I make a consistent income online and I made my first money in one month. I joined an online community on internet marketing. They provide an awesome step-by-step training on internet marketing. They have over 500000 members and their training is for free.

If you want to learn how I make money, have a look at it.

Get more information on that online community!

I hope that my Points2Shop review was helpful to you.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below. I usually get back to my readers quickly 🙂

Have you any experience with survey sites, or even with Points2Shop? Let me know in the comments!

All the best,



Is Get Paid To Draw A Scam? Why It Will Not Work

Get Paid to Draw scamProduct name: Get Paid To Draw

Price: $77 to $12
Rating: 30 out of 100

If you want to make money online and type that into Google, you will see thousands of results, thousands of possibilities, thousands of ways how you are supposed to make money online. Of course most of them are not legit at all. Further you can really find a lot of weird and also unbelievable ways how people are making money online. Well at least they tell you that they make money online. You never know if it is true until you try, or read my review 🙂

Get Paid To Draw is one of those programs which are supposed to tell you how you can earn money online in a very cool way: Drawing!
I really needed to find out if Get Paid To Draw is a scam, here is why:

Until I was around 18 I think, I drew every day and I was really good at it. However at that time, there was not really a possibility for me to make money with drawing. So back in the day I would be really thankful for a program which would show me how I make money with my drawings.

Today things are a little bit different. I know about the scams out there. I know about people getting ripped off by shady internet marketers.
So it was a personal thing for me to have a look at Get Paid To Draw and see if this is actually a legit program.

Hope you enjoy my Get Paid To Draw review!

Short review

Get Paid To Draw wants to make you think that they will show you the easy way to make a lot of money with your art or photos by submitting you artwork for royalties. However this is not easy at all – this is a very competitive business and you won´t get much money from a few donwloads. In fact most people who do this professionally only make a couple of hundreds bucks per year!

Get Paid To Draw is a basic guide on how it works (at best), but not on how to make money with your art.
As a person who is really interested in art, especially in drawings, let me tell you this: If you really want to make money with your artwork, no matter what kind of art, be it drawings or photos, or whatever, I suggest you have a look at this online community instead of Get Paid To Draw.

The website

So now let us have a look at the details. How does the website of Get Paid To Draw look? Any signs of a scam there?

Well, there is not much to see. It is just a simple sales page which shows you what Get Paid To Draw will basically teach you. At least they are upfront with what they have to offer. There are many other programs out there which do not even tell you what you are going to learn. They just tell you that you are going to make a lot of money -boom, that´s it. Unfortunately people still fall for that. So a plus here for Get Paid To Draw.

However when I entered my email address, I instantly changed my mind about this program. The next page wants to tell you that people actually are able to make a lot of money with simple drawings almost instantly.

You wanna know what simple means? Have a look at this picture below!Get Paid to Draw review

Yes, I am not kidding, it is the picture from the real site, they really want to make you believe that some people make good money with such drawings. I mean, seriously? That doesn´t even smell fishy anymore, that is just BS. Come on, who would believe that?

What is Get Paid To Draw?

Basically this program will show you how you can find companies that let you submit your photos or drawings for royalties. It provides a lot of information on how and where you can find those companies.

The product includes an ebook which will show you step by step how to do all that. Further there are also video tutorials. The tutorials were actually pretty good. The quality of the videos was actually okay and the videos were easy to understand.

You also get a list of websites where you can submit your drawings and/ or your photos.

The Price of Get Paid To Draw

The initiall price is very high. I wouldn´t spend 77 bucks on that without even knowing if it works. I like to test products first, before I buy them, but I guess the owners of this product weren´t comfortable enough to give you the opportunity to take a test drive before you buy.

They also hand out a coupon to you. This way you get a 50% discount on the price of 77 bucks. So you actually have to pay $37 at the end. If you try to leave the website, they offer you another acount. You have to pay 24 bucks. What do you think I have tried after that? Right, I tried to leave the website again and tadaaa another discount. Price dropped to 12 bucks. I could imagine that you could get another discount if you try to leave again, but I accidentally hit the “leave now” button, so I did not test that again.

Of course this product also comes with a few upsells. Needless to say that I would not recommend to buy those. If the main product is that bad, imagine how bad the low quality upsells might are.

What I like about Get Paid To Draw

Well, I do not say that it is impossible to make money online with the way Get Paid To Draw look shows you. It is definitely possible, although you won´t make as much as they want to make you think.

The information given is pretty good for absolute beginners who never heard of stock photography for example. So you can definitely take this as a basic guide. However I would not really recommend it. If you are really interested in it, do a Google search and save your money.

Further I think that the ebook is definitely okay. It is very easy to read and to understand.

The video tutorials are the same here. The quality is absolutely fine. I never had any problems while playing the videos. The sound was loud and clear.

Unfortunately those are the only things which are actually good about this product. The rest is more marketing that reality.

See yourself.

What I do not like

I think it is a joke that this program really wants to make you think that this is an easy way to make money. First of all, there are almost no easy ways to make money online. You always have to be dedicated, you always have to be willing to work and you always have to give it time if you are a total beginner.

I really want to point out, that stock photography is not an easy way to make money online. To be honest, it is one of the hardest ways you can choose. It is not that only beginners struggle to make money with that. Even the professionals have a hard time to make any money with it.

Why is that so? Well, I am pretty sure that already a billion stock photos exist. This is an extremely competitive business. Every photographer would love to make money here.

You also need a lot of talent for that. You won´t get paid royalties if you do some drawings like you have seen above. You won´t get any paid royalties if you take pictures with… I don´t know, your calculator. You need a really good camera for that, so put your disposable camera away and be realistic…lol.

The funny thing is, that the sales page of this product says that you could make money by making photos with your cell phone. Oh Lord….

Besides that, the really funny sales page of Get Paid To Draw get paid to draw wants to make you think that you can make between $5 and $10 per download as you can see below.

Get Paid To Draw legit

This template shows you totally unrealistic numbers. Not many people really make that much money per download and believe me, if you just started out, there is no chance you will get that amount of money per download.

Normally you can expect around 20 cents up to one buck per download. Sounds totally different, right?


What find positive about Get Paid To Draw:

  • It is possible to make money with that method
  • The training has a good quality and it is very easy to understand
  • This guide can be used as basic nformation for absolute beginners who never heard anything about stock photography

What I find negative about Get Paid To Draw:

  • Wants to make you think that you can make money with absolutely no talent.
  • You can easily find all that information buy doing a Google search. This way you can save your money.
  • Make unrealistic claims about what you can earn with this method. You won´t make that amount of money instantly, you probably won´t ever make that much money as Get Paid To Draw wants to make you believe.
  • Come with a couple of annyoing upsells which I would not recommend to buy.

My verdict

To be honest, in my opinion Get Paid To Draw is just another program of a shady internet marketer. You can find thousands of programs which claim absolutely the same as Get Paid To Draw, they just have another topic. If you are an artist I recommend you to save your money and save your time and just do what you love, spend your time on your art instead of this useless guide.

Besides that, the information you will get from this product is totally overpriced. $12 for a few basic tipps is a joke and as I said, it even can be found on the internet for free. Keep in mind that you only have to pay 12 bucks if you try to leave the website twice. If you do not try that, you still have to pay $34.

I would not call Get Paid To Draw a scam, since you actually get something for your money, however the given information from this product won´t help you much.

My recommendation to you

I know that for most artists it is their biggest dream to make a living with what they love – their art. In fact I gave up on art when I was younger, because I was angry, that there was no way I could make money with my drawings. Maybe one of my biggest mistakes in life.

Today we are living in a great time. In a time where everybody can make money with beloved things. Even though it can be dangerous in some cases, because all those scams out there, the internet is really a big help and you actually can make money with your art and show your artwork to a wide audience.

This online community below shows you how you can make money with things you love. In this case it might be art. However you can make money with whatever you like. It is possible, I know it, because I am already doing it. I managed to create a consistent income online with things I like only with the help of that community.

It does take work! You have to be willing to work for your dreams and you have to be dedicated. If you think you got that, just have a look at that online community.

Get more information about that online community!


Are you an artist/photographer who wants to make money with artwork? What did you do to make it happen? Did it work out, or are you still struggling? Let´s talk about it. Simply leave a message in the comment section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Do you have any question? Leave your question in the comments below. I normally get back to my readers quickly.

I hope that my Get Paid To Draw review was helpful to you and I hope that I could save you a couple of bucks.

All the best,


Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen Review: It´s Still A Smash!

Arbitrage Underdog EvergreenProduct Name: Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen (Get it here!)
Owner: Tom E. , Chad Rego
Price: $40.15
Rating: 90 out of 100

If you want to make money online and you are really serious about it, there are a lot of ways to do so. I decided to become an affiliate marketer. I build my website and now I am making money with it. Others just build an email list and make money with that and there are people who are happy with just doing work at home jobs online. However there are even more ways to make money online. Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen allows you to be a middleman and make “easy” money by that. In this post I show you what this software is all about and what has changed with the relaunch. Here is my Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen review.

What is Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen?

There are a lot of ebooks, video courses or training platforms out there, but there aren´t really a lot of softwares on making money online … well there are some useless trading bots, but let´s just don´t talk about that.

So Arbitrage Underdog is a software. It is really simple to explain what this software does, because it is one of the easiest things you can do if you want to make money: Being the middleman!

This program allows you to search through Craigslist, which is a website where people are looking for certain services and simultaneously search through Fiverr which is a website where people offer certain services for $5. Let me explain this in detail.

This is what you would have to do without the software:

So let´s say you do a search in Craigslist. You type in logo creation, for example. Now you find a lot of people who are looking for someone who creates a logo for their company and they would pay $50 for that. Now you have to find someone who creates a logo for you and of course at a low price (at least lower than $50), since the people on Craigslist want to pay you $50.

This is what you have to do with Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen:

You open the software, type in logo creation: Boom, on the left side you get a list of people on Craigslist who are looking for someone who creates a logo for them. On the right side you get a list of people from Fiverr who would do that job for $5. That´s it! Simple as that!

Further you get tons of information about the people from Fiverr who would do the job for you. You get information like:

  • Delivery time
  • Amount of reviews
  • Is this a top rated seller, level two seller, level one seller?
  • Rating of this seller / How satisfied are the customers?

This is all information that helps you to find the perfect person on Fiverr for the job you got from Craigslist. So that means this software saves you a lot of time and money, since time is money and in the time you´ve saved, you can work on the next job.

Here is a video which shows you how this software looks and how it works! 🙂

Get Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen here!

You are going to get a training!

If you decide to purchase Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen, you do not only get th
e software and that´s it. You will also get a short training on how to use the software and Tom E. will show you a technique called The preemptive strike. Tom uses this technique to get more jobs from Craigslist. I use this technique and I am very successful with it!

What has changed in Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen?

Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen reviewThe Evergreen version of this software came out in December 2015, however this software exists way longer. Before it was called Arbitrage Underdog and then Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded. I reviewed Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded and in my opinion it was a smash (and still is) and worked very well. If you know what you are doing you can start to make money quickly.

Now there is the Evergreen version, but what is this all about? Well, there is definitely one big change. What I am talking about is the new built in IP-Block protector which definitely can be quite useful if you really want to make bank with this product.

The many changes of this product may be a clever marketing strategy by Tom E. and Chad Rego, but on the other hand I have to say, that it means that they constantly work on their product to make it even better. This is a huge plus! So many people just want to sell a product and then they forget about it and create the next. This is not the case with Arbitrage Underdog.

I started the software yesterday and it asked me to allow a new update, that is just great!

Does Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen work?

It all sounds just too easy, right? At least this is what I thought before buying Arbitrage Underdog. I mean, I have reviewed so many products now, which are supposed to show you how to make money online and I have barely found really good products out there. Most of those products were useless and a lot of them even were scams, so I was highly sceptical when I found out about Arbitrage Underdog.

Eventually I decided to purchase it and I was really surprised. I am not saying I made thousands of dollars within a few hours, but this actually worked for me and it did not consume a lot of my time.

Does Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen work? Yes it works, because being the middleman worked in the past, it works in the present and it will work in the future and this software only makes being the middleman easy for you, that´s it. Simple but awesome in my opinion!

Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen is absolutely great!

There is also an upgrade of Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen, which is called Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded Black Label Edition. I decided to purchase this version, since it allows you to search through even more websites like Craigslist. I also wrote a full review on that, you can read it here: Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded Black Label Edition.

However it is totally up to you which version you want to buy. The Black Label Edition is just an upgrade and if you purchase Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen you will be asked if you want to upgrade to the Black Label Edition. You can do that, but you do not have to, I just wanted to inform you about that.

Get Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen here!

This is definitely a legit method to make money online. However as I said in the beginning, there are a lot of ways to earn money from home. I mainly concentrate on affiliate marketing and I make a consistent income with that.

This online community shows you how you can create your own online business and you do not have to pay one dollar for that! I am a Premium member there and this is the training platform that got me started. If you are interested in that, have a look at this article.

Have you purchased Arbitrage Underdog? How do you like it?
Have you any experience on Fiverr or Craiglist? Have you ever tried to be the middleman? Let´s talk about it in the comments below!

I would be very thankful for a feedback on my Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen review 🙂

All the best,


101 Traffic Hacks by Stuart Walker Is Awesome!

101 Traffic HacksProduct name: 101 Traffic Hacks
Owner: Stuart Walker
Price: $4.99 (at the moment)
Rating: 90 out of 100

If you want to be become a successful internet marketer, you have to generate a lot of targeted traffic to make sales. Unfortunately getting organic traffic can be hard as hell depending on the niche you have chosen for your website. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. My website here is in the “Make Money Online” niche and the competition is strong … very strong! 101 Traffic Hacks by Stuart Walker is supposed to show you how you can get a lot of traffic to your website regardless of your niche.

What is 101 Traffic Hacks?

101 Traffic Hacks is an ebook with 63 pages and it will show you several ways to get traffic to your website. It even includes a few Black Hat methods, but those are marked. If you have already been looking for ways to increase your traffic, you have probably seen the common recommendations all over the web: Get into PPC, several standard SEO methods and all the other bla bla which isn´t really satisfying.

If you are looking for new ways to get traffic you don´t want those standard answers, I know that, because I´ve been there. I wanted to see some stuff I have never seen before. I wanted to learn about methods most people do not use.

If you want that too you will definitely be satisfied with 101 Traffic Hacks. Stuart Walker really shows you some crazy ways to get traffic. Honestly some of his methods were totally new for me, but they are brilliant!

Obviously I am not allowed to reveal the methods inside the ebook, but I think it is okay if I show you one small chapter of his ebook which I think is very clever:101 Traffic Hacks review

A testimonial from Dom Wells

There are a lot of testimonials for 101 Traffic Hacks, but there is one testimonial which I personally think is very good, since it is from Dom Wells. Dom Wells is a very successful internet marketer who is making 5 figures every month. Further he is a fellow member at my #1 recommended online community when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Here is what Dom has to say about 101 Traffic Hacks:

101 Traffic Hacks scam

Who is Stuart Walker?

You know, I am becoming a fan of this guy. Stuart Walker creates great products for internet marketers. He also created 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks and Find Your Perfect Niche In 7 Easy Steps which are also brilliant products! Further Stuart created which is a great resource for every internet marketer.

You can also join his Facebook Group called nichehacks and you can discuss with other internet marketers there and you can get help from experienced internet marketers.

What I do not like about 101 Traffic Hacks

To be honest, there is nothing I do not like about this product. I rarely say that, but I really think that 101 Traffic Hacks is as brilliant as Stuarts other products. It might not contain step-by-step trainings or something like that, but it really shows you that there are A LOT of ways to get traffic and it gives you a lot of ideas how to increase orwhere to start to get more traffic.

However there was one little thing which I did not like so much. If you decide to buy 101 Traffic Hacks you will be subscribed to Stuart Walkers Email list. I literally received emails from Stuart every single day. It may be because it was Christmas and everything, but I found this a little bit annoying.

My Verdict

No matter how long you are in this business, there is always something new to learn and Stuart Walker makes it clear with his product. 101 Traffic Hacks is a product which can help anyone, no matter if you are a total beginner, or if you are an old stager, you will find something helpful which have never seen before in 101 Traffic Hacks.

101 Traffic Hacks is great!

If you are a total beginner and you want to create your own online business, 101 won´t help you. This product is for existing internet businesses, however if you are interested in learning how to build you own online business and making money from home, you should have a look at this online community here.

They will show you how to create your own online business even if you are a total beginner and you can join this online community for free!

Have a look at it here!

Have you ever purchased one of Stuart Walkers products? Is it hard for you to get traffic to your website? Let´s chat about it in the comment section!

I would love to receive a feedback fromyou on my 101 Traffic Hacks review! 🙂

All the best,


Online Profit System Review: Scam Alert

Online Profit System reviewSo many people these days want to know how to make money online. I understand that, since the internet offers so many opportunities. Of course there are many programs which are supposed to show you how you can make money online, however not all of them are legitimate. In fact most of the programs which claim that they will show you how to make “easy” money online are scams. If you came across this article you may have stumbled upon Online Profit System and now you are wondering if this program delivers what it promises. I had a closer look at this program and you probably won´t like what I have to tell you. Here is my Online Profit System Review.

What Is Online Profit System?

Online Profit System scamIf you visited the website of Online Profit System you may have already noticed that they do not tell you so much about what you get if you buy this program. I reviewed a lot of programs now and this is always a bad sign. Why do they not tell you what they have to offer right away? There is always a good reason for that. Most of the times such programs are totally useless.

If you fill out the form, which is called the availability check, you will come to another sales page. There you can see what this program includes.

  • Automated Money Making Website
  • Free 1-on-1 Training Consultation
  • All Training Guides and Videos

I know that might sound good if you are absolutely new to all this, but in fact all this is just a fake. Let me explain why.

Why Online Profit System is a scam

As I already said, I reviewed a lot of programs in this niche and most of the scams out there look exactly the same.

Automated Money Making Website

Yeah, this sounds very good. Who would not want a website which makes money automatically? Unfortunately this is impossible. You may get a website which is filled with content, but it is definitely not ready to make money automatically. In fact, you will never make money with those websites. I mean, come on. If there are really websites which make money automaticall, everyone would have one, right?

Those websites contain duplicated content. If you are not familiar with internet marketing, then let me tell you this: Google and the other search engines, do not like duplicated content. You will never appear in the search engines with those websites and that means that you won´t make any money with them.

Sure you could also post your website on social media websites or something like this, but most people will notice that this is just a low quality website.

Free 1-on-1 Training Consultation

This is the worst of all. You will be called by a slick salesman, but he is not going to help you get your business running. Those salesman are only calling you, because they want your money. They will ask you how much money you currently have and they will try to sell you more products, which are also useless.

Believe me, they will call you very often.

All Training Guides and Videos

The only thing you really need to make money is education. If you know what you are doing you are ready to make money. There are a lot of legit methods to earn money from home. So a good training is always great. However you won´t get it at Online Profit System. This training is not detailed at all and absolutely not suited to beginners. Totally useless.

Try this training instead!

Fake testimonials

Another common methods of shady marketers: The fake testimonials. All of them tell you that there are people who made money within one week even with no experience. It sounds to good to be true and it really is. Making money online takes time and it can take up to 3 months until you see your first money. That´s the way it is, it is business and business takes time.

Availability check

I´ve seen this check all over the internet, almost every scam has it and I am starting to get bored by it. This check is not real, do not believe that. There is no limited space, you will always get a “free spot”. It is just a strategy to get you to buy the program quickly.

As seen on…

Another method I have seen so many times now. As seen on Yahoo, Twitter, abc, CNN, FOX NEWS and so on and so forth. Those names and logos are used to build trust with you, but Online Profit System never appeared on CNN or something like that. It may have appeared on some fake online news sites which promote scams, but definitely not on CNN or FOX NEWS.Online Profit System legit

Online Profit System is a duplicate scam

There are many more programs which look exactly like Online Profit System. This is another common method of shady marketers and they duplicate their programs for a good reason.

As soon as people take notice that Online Profit System is a scam, there will appear a lot of complaints on the internet. When this happens, those shady internet marketers will have a hard time to continue scamming people. Because of that, they simply change the name of their program, create a new website for it et voilà, they have a complete new program and you can´t find any complaints about it. So they can continue to scam people.

Avoid the Online Profit System Scam!

I show you how I make money

I make money with affiliate marketing. It is one of the easiest methods to make money online, but don´t get me wrong here. If you really want to make money from home you need to be willing to work and you have to be dedicated.

When I started with affiliate marketing, I was a total beginner, I knew nothing about it. The good thing was, that I did not join a “money making program”. I joined an online community about affiliate marketing, which provides a great step-by-step training for beginners.

Only with the help of this training platform I was able to create a consistent income online. Ah and don´t worry, you can join for free!

Get more information on this training platform!

I hope that my Online Profit System review helped you.

If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comment section. I will get back to you quickly 🙂
Do you know other scams like Online Profit System, or have you been scammed by them? Tell me about it in the comments below!

All the best,


Online Cash Source: Scam At Its Finest

Online Cash Source scamMany programs on the internet which promise you that they will show you their secret method to make money from home just try to scam you. So if you are interested in earning money from home, you have to be very careful. Since you are visiting this article, you probably stumbled upon the Online Cash Source scam and you wondered if this program is legit. Well, the headline of this articles says it all. This program is definitely not legit. I had a closer look at this program. Here is why Online Cash Source is a fraud.

What Is Online Cash Source?

I think we should start with the most important question: What is this program? What does it have to offer? What will you learn if you buy Online Cash Source? You might already wondered what it really is and this is always a bad sign. Programs which do not tell you right away what you are going to get if you buy it always have a dirty little secret. What else could be the reason for not telling you that?

If you register with Online Cash Source you have to pay $1.95 to get access. This is just a trial period and I am sure that a lot of people say: Why not, it is just $1.95! The problem is, if you do not cancel your membership in time you will automatically be charged $29.90 per month.

You basically get nothing for your money here. Just a crappy ready-to-make-money-website, which is is total BS. There is no website which is ready to make money. Building a profitable website takes time and those “ready” websites always contain duplicate content, which means that they will never rank in the search engines, since search engines take notice of that very quickly.

If you do not cancel in time and pay the $29.90 you get access to the back office of your website. Ehhhm, most of the people who are interested in making money online are totally new to this topic, so without any training it is totally useless to get access to your websites backoffice.

Online Cash Source is a duplicate scam

To be honest, I knew right from the start that Online Cash Source is a scam. Why? Well, I am not David Copperfield …just in case you wondered. I have seen this scam multiple times, but the name was not Online Cash Source. There are several programs on the internet with the exact same website and the same design like Online Cash Source.

There is for example the Online Web Cash scam, the Web Cash Concepts scam or Online Revenue Concepts. As you can see in the image below, this looks exactly like the website of Online Cash Source.Online Revenue Concepts review

Is this magic? No, it is definitely not. It is just a common method of lazy internet marketers who earn their money by scamming unaware people. Those scammers create one scam product and as soon as people notice that their program is a scam, they change the name of the program, create a new website for it and tadaaaa, they have a completely new (old) product. You can´t find any complaints about the new products, so that means that they can continue scamming people.

The funny thing about that is, that those shady marketers are so lazy, that they do not even change the design or the fake testimonials on their website. They just use a new name, that´s it.

You do not have to be David Copperfield if you want to make money online!

Further signs that this is a scam

I have reviewed a lot of programs now and I can tell only by seeing the website or the sales page of a program if the program is a scam. I am not bragging, actually this is pretty sad …lol.

I just want to let you know how you can easily detect a scam.

Availability Check

I can´t count how many times I have seen the availability check. This is just a strategy to lure you quickly into their program. No, there are no limited spots and yes, spots are always available. So if you see an image that says availability check, be aware.

Figures which sound to good to be true

Have you seen this weird image which says “get your share of $2.8 Billion a month online”? Do you know what it means? It means: Buy me I am a scam! Stuff like this is only manipulating and it says nothing at all.

Fake Testimonials

Every scam website has some good old fake testimonials on their website. Most of the times you can see a single mom there who says that she makes now a billion dollars per month. Okay I am overdoing it, but I am sure you get what I mean.

Logos of popular companies

If you visited the website of Online Cash Source, I am sure you have seen logos of Twitter, Facebook, Bing and so on and so forth. Those logos are only placed there to build trust with you. In fact it says nothing at all.

I think that shoul help you to detect a scam, but be aware, there are other scams on the internet which work much smarter than Online Cash Source.

Stay Away From The Online Cash Source Scam!

But don´t worry, making money online is definitely possible!

How I make money online

Yes, there are a lot of scams on the interent and you might have already wondered if making money on the internet is just a myth.

I can tell it is not. I am just a normal person and I was a total newbie when I started with affiliate marketing, but today I am making a consistent income online. However I just want to let you know, that making money online is not a walk in the park. You have to be willing to work and you have to be dedicated, but if you stick with it, you WILL succeed.

You just need the right training for that. This training platform provides a training on affiliate makreting suited to beginners. They have a huge community of 400000 members and they already exist since ten years and they are still growing. Ah and don´t worry, you can join this training platform for free.

Get more Information about this training platform!

I hope that my review helped you.

If you have any questions, just leave me a comment and I will be more than heppy to help you out. I will get back to you quickly 🙂
Have you ever joined a scam? Let´s talk about it in the comment section!

All the best,


Fast Cash Biz: Scam At Its Finest

Fast Cash Biz scamIf you are looking for ways to make money online, you have so many options today. You got internet marketing, paid surveys and there are even software programs for binary options trading. To be honest, most of those methods are not really lucrative and some programs are scams and do not work at all. If you are reading this article you are probably sumbled upon a program called Fact Cash Biz and now you are wondering if this software is legit. I had a closer look at it … now I only call it the Fast Cash Biz Scam! Here is what I found out.

What is Fast Cash Biz?

When I visited the website of Fast Cash Biz there was a video playing where the owners Madison Clark and David Graham talk about Fast Cash Biz. In the video they are acting like they would reveal some kind of Illuminati secret to the world, it´s just ridiculous, but it seems that those silly videos work, otherwise those scammers wouldn´t produce videos like cash biz fake

They call their software a shortcut to unlimited wealth …lol. Let me tell you something: I am making money from home with affiliate marketing, it is definitely possible and literally everyone can learn to make money online, but there are no shortcuts. This is the biggest myth in this “make money from home” niche. Everyone is looking for the quickest way, or for a shortcut. There are none. There only is hard work and dedication.

Fast Cash Biz is a software for binary options trading. The software is supposed to predict the market to give you the best chances to make money. Ehhhhm, you do not have to be an expert to know that it is impossible to predict the market. I would not call it a game of chance, but if you really want to get into stock trading, you should NEVER trust some weird program.

Fast Cash Biz is not for free!

The owners of Fast Cash Biz tell you that if you do what they are saying, you got a 99% chance of making six figures per year, Yaaaaaaay! Besides that joining Fast Cash Biz is for free, that means that you can shut off your brain and make money without paying for the software! Wooo! …Okay I am just kidding here, but I think you get what I am trying to say cash biz review

Of course Fast Cash Biz is not for free, you might be allowed to join for free, but if you want to get started you have to invest at least $250 with their associated broker which is Glenridge Capital.

Bottom line: This method will cost you $250 if you want to get started.

Don´t trust Glenridge Capital

Okay I did my research on this one and Glenridge Capital is not a registered broker, in fact it is just an internet based trading platform.

Further this trading platform also has an affiliate program, which means that they give other people the possibility to earn commission by referring people to Glenridge Capital. So most probably Fast Cash Biz is just an affiliate for Glenridge Capital and that is why joining Fast Cash Biz is for free, they do not really provide anything, they just referr you to the internet based trading platform and that´s cash biz legit

Why Fast Cash Biz is a scam

First of all Fast Cash Biz uses all kinds of manipulating marketing strategies to lure you into their membership. There are so many fake testimonials with pictures where you can see people with a check of Fast Cash Biz about over three million fast cash biz real

Further they have a timer which is supposed to force you to act quickly and join Fast Cash Biz. It says if you do not join within 5 minutes, the offer is going to expire … Well I waited 5 minutes and I still was able to join after that (Longest 5 minutes in my life, but I had to do it for my readers … lol I am such an apple polisher).

So you see, it´s just a manipulating strategy.

Madison Clark and David Graham are fake

I am sure you guessed it, the two owners of Fast Cash Biz do not exist. The real onwers of Fast Cash Biz just hired some actors …who are actually pretty bad. Further all you can see in the videos, the big mansion, the big private jet, it is all hired.

Weird huh? If Fast Cash Biz is sooo awesome, why did they have to hire all this? Why didn´t they take just real people who made so much money with Fast Cash Biz that they were able to afford the super expensive stuff? It is because those people do not exist, since Fast Cash Biz is not the shortcut to unlimited wealth.

Binary options

Binary options trading is a method of trading stocks and commodities, but you do not actually own those stocks and commodities, in fact you are only trading if the price will go up or down over a specified period of time. Usually this is between 1 and 5 minutes. So you see, this is gambling.

Software programs for binary options trading like Fast Cash Biz are supposed to predict if the price will rise or fall in that specified period of time. Now think about this: Stock prices are changing every second, how in the world is Fast Cash Biz supposed to predict if the price will go up or down?

Remember: They guarantee you that you are going to make six figures per year with it.
I think you know now that this is impossible and that is why Fast Cash Biz clear is a scam.

Avoid the Fast Cash Biz scam!

If you are looking for ways to earn money from home, do not look for shortcuts or programs which promise you that you are going to be rich in a blink. Believe me that is just not possible and you are only going to lose money if you buy those programs.

Here is how I make money from home

Over a year ago, I was just like you. I was looking for ways to make money from home. I have been scammed several times and it took me some time to find the right way.

Today I am making money with affiliate marketing. It is one of the easiest methods to make money online and you do not have to invest to get started. However you have to be willing to work and you have to be dedicated. Believe me, there is no method in the world which will show you how you can get rich quickly.

This online community provides an awesome training on affiliate marketing. The training is suited to beginners and don´t worry you can join for free.

This online community is what got me started and today I am making a consistent income online.

Get more information on this online community!

I hope that my review of Fast Cash Biz helped you.

If you have any questions, simply leave a message in the comment section. I will get back to you quickly 🙂
Have you ever been scammed by a program like Fast Cash Biz? Tell me about it in the comments!

All the best,


Does Opinion Outpost Work? Nope, It Is A Big Waste Of Your Time

Opinion Outpost reviewsI know that a lot of people who are looking for ways to make money online think, that taking surveys would be the easiest way to earn money from home. I mean sure, taking surveys is very easy and getting paid for your own opinion sounds quite good, right? The problem with those survey sites is that they do not pay very well and most of the time you do not get money for taking those surveys. You earn credits for taking surveys and you can cash out your points for coupons or something like that. I reviewed many, many survey sites and I could not find one that was worth the time. I even found a few scams. What about Opinion Outpost? Does Opinion Outpost work?

If you landed on this article you are probably thinking about joining Opinion Outpost and now you are doing your research to see, if it is worth your time. First of all: Great that you are doing your research before joining such a site. Doing your research can save you from being scammed. I tested this survey site for you. Here is my Opinion Outpost review.

The first problems with Opinion Outpost

The first problem I had with Opinion Outpost occured when I joined it. I filled in all the details to create an account and after that I should have gotten an activation email. Unfortunately this email never arrived in my inbox and yes, I checked my spam folder. So I had to sacrifice another email address.

So after I did that it worked (I do not know why it did not work at the first time) and I had to fill out my profile and they asked me tons of questions. This is normal, so they can see for what kind of surveys you are qualified. Unfortunately some scam survey sites use your personal details to bombard your email with sales offers afterwards.

Till now that did not happen with Opinion Outpost, but what I can say is, that they really need a lot of information from you and I have never seen that on any of the other survey sites before. They even want your phone number and they want to know where you work.

After I gave them my real personal details (yeah right) I was …. NOT accepted. Lol!
So I spent so much time filling out their pre-survey and they did not accept me? Wow, absolutely great.

I did this whole shi… this stuff again and they accepted me … and again, I do not know why it did not work at the first time! Further I really have the feeling that it is not a good idea to give Opinion Outpost your personal details.

What you will earn at Opinion Outpost

Soooo I am inside Opinion Outpost and here comes the funny part. Most of those survey sites want to lure you into their membership quickly, so they tell you that you will get tons of surveys every day and OF COURSE you can earn tons of money by taking those surveys. Here you can see the explanation video of Opinion Outpost:

First of all, you won´t get any money here, you get points for taking surveys. After that you can cash out those points for $10 amazon giftcards, paypal cards. It takes extremely long to get one of those, because you do not get a lot of points for taking the surveys. For Paypal you have to have 100 points minimum to cash out and you are lucky if you can earn 10 points per hour. So that means that you are working for $1 per hour. I mean come on, do you really think that is worth it? There are definitely better ways to make money online!

Wanna learn how to make way more than $1 per hour online?

And remember, I said ” you are lucky” if you make 10 points per hour. Here is why:

The survey before the survey

Inside Opinion Outpost I saw that I am not qualified for most of the survey for whatever reasons. I am pretty sure that there is no one who is qualified for a lot of surveys, that is just the way it is with those survey sites, they promise you tons of surveys, you get 1 – 2 per week … if you are lucky.

However there were a few surveys I was qualified for… at least I thought so. The survey I took seemed to be only the survey before the survey, because after I completed, let´s say, 70% of the survey, they told me that I am not qualified for this survey. What?? So I wasted my time for this only to be told that I am not qualified? They must be kidding!

I found out that I am not the only one who experienced this. Have a look at this review on a site called survey police. This user describes his experience with Opinion Outpost very well.
Opinion Outpost Review

Or this one here.Opinion Outpost scam

Does Opinion Outpost work, or is it a scam?

I think my article here makes it clear that Opinion Outpost definitely is a total waste of time. I reviewed many survey sites like Survey Junkie or Click 4 Surveys and till now I think that Opinion Outpost was one of the worst. I really think that Opinion Outpost is a rip off. I mean you take surveys and after 70% they tell you that you are not qualified… seems to be a method to get your filled out survey for free.

Stay away from Opinion Outpost! It is a waste of your time!

How you can make money online

I know that taking surveys is very appealing, because you do not need to have any experience at all to make money online. However as you can see, you do not really make money by taking surveys, it is just a waste of time.

How about creating your own online business? It is a legit method to make money online and a lot of people do that. In fact I make money with my own website and when I started I had no experience at all. This training platform here provides great information on how to do that and you even can join it for free.

It is the platform that got me started and today I make a consistent income online.
Was this Opinion Outpost review helpful for you? Tell me about it in the comments below!Have you any experience with taking surveys? Let´s talk about it, just leave a message in the comment section.

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