Affiliate Supremacy Review – Is Affiliate Supremacy a Scam?

By | May 30, 2015

Affiliate Supremacy ReviewThere is a new product on the market which is supposed to teach you how to become successful with affiliate marketing. Since this is only an ebook I got curious and decided to write a Affiliate Supremacy review.
As you might know I am also doing affiliate marketing so I was really anxious to get to know what this product has to offer. Is Affiliate Supremacy a scam? You are about to find out!

Product: Affiliate Supremacy
Overall Ranking: 50 out of 100
Price: $9.97
Owners: Craig Dawber

What is Affiliate Supremacy?

Affiliate Supremacy is a new ebook about affiliate marketing. The ebook is 84 pages long. In my opinion that is not enough to become a successful affiliate marketer. Nonetheless this ebook contains all information you have to know to start with affilliate marketing.
Here you can see what this ebook has to offer:

Module 1: Affiliate Marketing
Module 2: About Affiliate Supremacy
Module 3: Finding a Profitable Niche
Module 4: Your Money Site
Module 5: Creating Pre-Sell Content
Module 6: Social Media Assets
Module 7: Free Targeted Traffic
Module 8: Paid Traffic Overdrive
Moudle 9: Outsourcing
Module 10: Scaling UpWhat is Affiliate Supremacy

Further you get another ebook on email marketing with 96 pages, List Building Manifesto and another one on article marketing with 56 pages. Both of them are definitely okay and contain good information. Craig Dawber did a good job here!

Argh! There is an Upsell

The product itself only costs $9.97. Unfortunately Craig Dawber offers you another product after purchasing Affiliate Supremacy for $47. You know, upsells always let me think that the product is a scam. In my opinion it is not a legit way to sell further products.

Besides that the upsell of Craig Dawber has nothing good to offer. It is the Affiliate Supremacy Done For You System. You get ten pre-built websites which are supposed to be ready for affiliate marketing.
I do not recommend to buy the Done For You System. When it comes to Affiliate marketing there is no such thing like pre-made. You have to do it yourself if you want to get serious.
Pre-build websites won´t rank well and it is really not hard to create your own website with WordPress. In fact I have an article where you can build your website for free with a video which shows you how to build a website within 30 seconds!

Is Affiliate Supremacy a Scam?

Affiliate Supremacy is definitely not a scam. If you are a beginner you will get a lot of great information from this ebook. Especially the “niche choosing” section is great in my opinion. When I started I had a really hard time to find a niche. Finally I found one and created my website, but after 3 months I quit and chose another one, since the first niche was not really that good and too controversial.
So this ebook contains some great information for beginners, even though you can get this information for free on the internet.
I also wrote an article about finding your niche for example.

What I do not like about Affiliate Supremacy

Is Affiliate Supremacy a scam However there are also things I do not like. I do not think that you will be successful with pre made websites which you can get from Affiliate Supremacy. I do not believe that those website will rank well in the search engines and in my opinion pre-made is always bad. You have to be individual, so you should build your website by yourself.

Unfortunately this technical section about building a website is not explained in detail.
Further you have to keep in mind that this is an ebook. At the moment it is up to date, but it will not be forever. No one will update the ebook, that means some of the information in Affiliate Supremacy might be outdated in two months.

My opinion on Affiliate Supremacy

If you are a beginner with affiliate marketing you will definitely get some good information from this ebook.

Affiliate Supremacy is okay for beginners!

As I said Affiliate Supremacy is good to get some basic information and it is definitely not a scam. However if you really want to make big money with affiliate marketing, reading an ebook will not be enough.
If you want to make money form home with affiliate marketing you might get stuck somewhere on the way to success. You can´t ask an ebook what to do then.
Because of that I recommend the best product I reviewed so far. It has not only the best step-by-step training I have seen so far, it also has a big community which is always ready to help and a great support of the owners.

Do you have experience on ebooks about affiliate marketing? Do they contain enough information to create a serious business? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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