Affiliate Cash Blueprint Review – Is it a scam?

By | September 18, 2015

Affiliate Cash Blueprint reviewProduct name: Affiliate Cash Blueprint
Owner: Temper Thompson
Price: $9.29
Rating: 30 out of 100

If you stumbled upon this review you might be on the hunt for programs which are supposed to show you how you can make bank quickly. You probably want to know if you can make a lot of money with Affiliate Cash Blueprint, huh? Okay, I will tell you. In about 5 minutes you are going to know what this program is about and if you can really make money with this. Here is my Affiliate Cash Blueprint review.

What is Affiliate Cash Blueprint?

Affiliate Cash Blueprint is a product which is supposed to show you how you can make tons of money in a short period of time. The owner of this product, Temper Thompson claims, that he made $6000 within one week with the method he is going to show you in Affiliate Cash Blueprint. That sounds good, right? Yeees!

Affiliate Cash Blueprint is splitted into 5 videos. The owner says it is a case study of his method, however I do not really agree with the word “case study” and I will tel you why shortly.

What I like about Affiliate Cash Blueprint

Obviously I can´t reveal the method Temper Thompson uses here. What I can say, however, is that the method he used to make so much money within one week, seems legit to me. So I really believe that he made that amount of money.

Unfortunately that is the only thing I like about this product. It may seem weird to you that the method is legit, but that I do not like more about Affiliate Cash Blueprint. I tell you why below.

What I do not like about Affiliate Cash Blueprint

The Upsells

First of all there is the typical amount of upsells which I have seen probably in the last 20 products I reviewed. It is always the same, every marketer who launches a new product seems to copy other marketers. None of them is really creative. Just launch a product quickly and use what other people use. Uargh.

So of course there is an upsell which is supposed to give you even more tips on how to make money online quickly. I asked myself what those tips might be, since he already revealed his biggest tip in the actual product.

Further there are two more upsells which are done-for-you products. You will get some emails of Temper Thompson which he used to make the $6000 in one week. This is also pretty standard. Wherever I go, all I see is done-for-you systems. People seem to like it, otherwise all those marketers wouldn´t use it in their programs. ….It´s a shame.

I am not a fan of done-for-you stuff, since I do not really believe that copying will make me a lot of money long-term.

The information of Affiliate Cash Blueprint

Temper Thompson says that he provides a case study with Affiliate Cash Blueprint. However that is not the case. When I am talking about a case study, I am talking about looking over somebodys shoulder, receiving detailed information of how the person has done it. Sorry to say that, but you are not going to receive this kind of information.

Tired of products that do not deliver what they promise?

Even though Temper Thompson tells you what method he used, he does not really tell how he EXACTLY did it, you do not even know which product he used to make that money. Why doesn´t he reveal that? I mean, he already made that money.

Affiliate Cash Blueprint scamThat is pretty sad, since that is what you expect if you buy Affiliate Cash Blueprint, you expect a case study, because it said it is one.

The Support

I did not even want to mention it, since I think everybody knows that you might not get support if you buy a small video course.
So if you need any support with Affiliate Cash Blueprint, you will get none. Sorry!

Can you really replicate what Temper Thompson did?

You might be able to replicate what Temper Thompson did, but I am afraid that you have to teach yourself. You will not learn what he did buy purchasing Affiliate Cash Blueprint. Even his method can work, Affiliate Cash Blueprint itself is pretty useless.

Needless to say that this programs is absolutely not suited for beginners (is it suited to anyone?), since you already have to know how to build a website, get traffic, ppc stuff and so on and so forth.

So beginners, if you look for a product which teaches you how to make money quickly, this is not the right product for you.
Everyone else who is looking for a way to make money quickly… this is not the right product for you…lol.

Affiliate Cash Blueprint is useless!

My recommendation

I know, I know, we all are on the hunt for THE program which is going to make us rich over night. We are always looking for the opportunity and we hope that we found it with every low quality program we purchase. Here is the sad fact: There is no way to get rich quickly.

Even Temper Thompson had to learn internet marketing before he could use his method to make bank within one week and I can tell that he had to learn a lot and that took quite some time. So even if his method made him big money quickly, he did not really make it within one week. It was a long process until he got there to make it happen.

So if you really want to learn how to make money online, you should learn affiliate marketing. Create your basis and after that you can still reach for the startes, but at first you should know what you are even doing.

My #1 recommendation is what got me started and today I make a consistent income online. You can join it for free and see if this is for you. If not you can just leave and you do not have to pay one single dollar. No questions asked.

This is what you should start with if you want to make bank eventually, because you are building your basis there.


Before I finish this post I want to ask you for some feedback on my Affiliate Cash Blueprint review. Did it help you to decide if you should spent your money or not?

Leave me a message in the comments below! 🙂

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