Adventures On The River Review – A great program by ZeroFatz !!

By | May 31, 2015

Adventures On The River ReviewAdventures On The River by ZeroFatz

I think there are not a lot of people who do not know Amazon. It is the biggest online retailer. That also means that there is some money to make on Amazon. Kam Jennings, also known as ZeroFatz created a program which is supposed to teach you how to make money on Amazon by creating ebooks for example. However is this program helpful? Will you be able to make money on Amazon if you follow the advice of Kam Jennings? You are about to find out – Here is my Adventures On The River Review.

Product: Adventures On The River
Overall Ranking: 91 out of 100
Price: $14.97 per month
Owners: Kam Jennings ” ZeroFatz ”

On his website Kam embedded a video of him why he started with making money on Amazon. At first I thought this was going to be just another motivational video which should push me to buy the program. After watching the video for 6 minutes or something, Kam starts to explain what you can do on Amazon in a nutshell. He gives free advice on selling ebooks on Amazon and how you can do it (of course really short) and I found that cool, since Kam Jennings also says that you can just start right now without any further advice. However you will get even more advice and training from his program.
To me this guy was really sympathic right from the start.

Click here to see the video!

What is Adventures On The River

What is Adventures On The RiverIn first line Adventures On The River will teach you how to sell pre-owned books on Amazon. I was pretty surprised about that in the beginning. However there is even more that Adventures On The River will teach you.
It also will teach you how to earn money through Amazon FBA. That means Fulfillment by Amazon. Basically that means that you store the articles you want to sell at Amazon and let them pack and ship your articles if someone buys an article from you.
Further the Members Area of Adventures On the River provides even more training on selling on Amazon.

What I like about Adventures On The River

This is really refreshing. Finally a product with a lot of positive things I can mention in my review.

The Payment Plans

First of all Kat Jennings provides several payment plans. The standard is $14.97 a month. However if you are not sure about this program and you may not want to pay recurring fees you can also pay $19.97 for one month – non recurring of course.
Further you can pay $38.11 every 3 months or $74.85 every 6 months.Adventures On the River Membership

It makes a fair impression that you also can purchase this product for one month non recurring, even if it is a little bit more expensive then.

ZeroFatz gives free advice on Youtube

As I said I think Kam is a really sympathic guy and what I can say is, that he is really honest. No shady methods to sell you his program, no things like: “One Click and you are a millionaire!”. I really appreciate that in an industry which is full of scams.
Kam does not only have a good program, he also gives free advice on Youtube!

The Courses are easy to follow and detailed!

His course on selling pre-owned books on Amazon is really simple. I don´t want to go overboard with my compliments here, but I think even my grandfather would understand this course. You really have the feeling that anybody can do this.
The first course contains three steps:

  • Step 1: Find Product
  • Step 2: List and Sell
  • Step 3: Shipping and Customer Service
    Adventures On the River by Kam Jennings Adventures On the River from ZeroFatz Adventures On the River Membership by Zerofatz

In the images you can see what points are explained in those steps. That should show you how detailed this program is. (Sorry for the bad images, WordPress does not allow me to upload bigger images for this post and I can´t figure out why.)

As I said Adventures On The River provides even more training on making money through Amazon FBA for example and this course is also very detailed and easy to follow. You can´t really say that this program is mainly about selling pre-owned books on Amazon, because all of the courses are so detailed. I was really amazed by that and still am.

Selling ebooks on Amazon made easy

ZeroFatz delivers a lot of good information on how to create your own ebooks and sell them on Amazon. However he does not only tell you how this works, he also gives advice on pricing, checking out competition and so on. He really takes you by the hand with his courses. Look how detailed this course here is.

  • Non Copyrightable Content
  • Public Domain
  • Original Content
  • Tying It All Together

Each of those points is explained in 5 to 8 videos!!

The FBA Module kills it

Adventures On the River FBA ModuleThe course which explains you how to make money through FBA is again very detailed. He left no stone unturned. It explains really everything from Wholesale buying to Dropshipping, from importing with to sales taxes. EVERYTHING is explained! You do not know what that all means? Don´t worry I also did not knew this, but after those courses, you will know it – in detail!

All the courses contain videos and text!

Kam Jennings talks about some of his products

Kam reveals some of his moneymakers and he even gives you a list of what you could sell on Amazon.

You can contact the owner to get support

You can contact ZeroFatz via email or you can text him in the comments section of the members area. He also answers very detailed if you have a question which I find really impressive and honest. This is not a product where you might get stuck and give up then, because you can´t get any help.

What I do not like about Adventures On The River

Well there is not much what I do not like. A few links didn´t work properly and there is not much activity in the comment section of this program. I would write more here, normally I really point out what I do not like and reveal the weaknesses of a program, as you can see in my other reviews. However I really did not find more bad things about Adventures On The River.

Is Adventures On The River a Scam? – My verdict

Adventures On The River is of course not a scam! It is a really great program on making money with Amazon and it is so detailed that everybody can learn it. I expected the price to be a lot higher. The information you will get from this product is far more worth then $14.97 a month!
This is one of the best products I´ve reviewed so far and if you thinking about buying this course I can only say: DO IT! You will make money with it if you follow the training!

Adventures On The River is absolutely legit!

If you are interested in buying Adventures On The River you can do so here.

Sign up for Adventures On The River – Click Here!


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Are you making money on Amazon? Or do you make money with ebooks? Do you think it is a legit way to make a living online?

Tell me about it in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Adventures On The River Review – A great program by ZeroFatz !!

  1. St. CC

    hi Pierre, thanks for posting this review… I heard a while ago that ebooks was a great way to earn money online but I didnt look further into it until now and this guy at AOTR seems legit

    1. Pierre Post author

      Thank you for your comment!

      Yes, ebooks can definitely be a great way to make money online, but as always, it is definitely work!
      Adventures On The River is an awesome program and I am sure it will help you on your way.



  2. Melissa

    Wow! I’m supervised there is real stuff like this out there! I’m interested in the FBA part. Does that mean I could sell these anything Amazon sells on EBay or something and make money?
    Do you do this? Sounds really cool! Do you keep paying the $14.95 a month or could you get to the point that you wouldn’t need to anymore?

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Melissa,

      sure you could get to the point where you do not need it anymore, but I think you should stay there as long as you can, or you should find another online community on this topic. I think that support in such a niche is very important.

      I do not do this at the moment, because I focus on affiliate marketing. I always do one thing at a time and to me affiliate marketing is more fun.

      All the best,



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