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It´s me! Pierre!Hey everyone!

My name is Pierre. I am a young man from Germany. At the moment I work in an office. Unfortunately, that was never my dream. I always wanted to do something creative, something that make people laugh, or something that touches people, some kind of art. Money wasn´t on my mind back then.

Things went different. I did not take my chance to go to a school that teaches arts when I was 16 and so I went to a school that teaches economy stuff. My father thought it was a good Idea, because it would help me to get a normal nine-to-five-job. I think that is pretty boring and my grades in school were bad, as you can imagine.

I want freedom

I just do not want a normal nine-to-five-job with a normal payment.
I just do not want a normal life. You know, get a job, get a wife, get a house, get kids, maybe a dog or two and then DIE!!In fact, if I would live my life like this, I would be dead right from the start. I DO NOT WANT THAT!

I want to live my life how I want it. I want to travel the world! I want to get a jeep, maybe a Wrangler or something and just drive to wherever I want whenever I want. I want to see the world, life is to short to stay in one place. There is so much to see.
Would that be possible with a normal job? Well, yes it would be possible but it would be not that easy. In my job for example, I am only allowed to take a vacation for two weeks at one go, not more.

Oh yeah thank you very much, that is a whole bunch of time to see the world…NOT!
That is everything I can expect in life? Two week in one go to live my life how I really want it? No, thank you.

Further it is anoying to work for others and never get the appreciation from others (Most of the time your boss)  that you deserve. I am sure, that a lot of people sit in front of the computer right now and say: “Yeah you are right man, my boss is the same way!”

Time to make a change

I want to work for somebody who really appreciates my work and I can rely on. You know who that is? It is me! I am pretty awesome, so I should do something good to myself.

I always hear people who are 20 years older than me saying: “Ahhh if I would be in your age again, I would do things different!”
Thank you people for telling me this. I am 20 years younger and I will do things different right now!

So what is the solution for all that? What is the only thing I can do, to get the freedom I want?

1. Get a job where I can work from home?
Well, that is okay, but I still work for others, so others can tell me what to do. Not an option.

2. Create a passive income from home, which is enough to quit my job?
That is going to be my first goal. I will be free to do whatever I want and I do not have to work for others anymore.

3. Become a millionaire?
Yeah, that sounds really good to me. Everything is included: Freedom, financial security and the bonus of being a millionaire – In fact, I do not have to become a millionaire, to reach my real goals, I just think it would be great to reach such a goal by myself. That feeling when I made it is going to be great.

I always had a feeling, that I would do something big in my life, that I would do the thing I like and that I would enjoy it. So now I will make that feeling become reality.

On this site you can watch me becoming a millionaire from home. You think that is impossible? Well, then you are probably right.
Henry Ford said:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t-you’re right.”

I can! You can too if you want.
There are so much possibilities and programs out there that teach you how to make bank. I will try them.
I will share every opportunity that I am going to find with you. I will reveal every scam that I am going to find with you.

At the end, I am going to be a millionaire, living in Japan for a while or something.

You will see!


16 thoughts on “About Pierre and This Site

  1. nelio

    G’day Pierre, yes we would all love freedom to do what we want when we want and how ever we want. Love your site it’s pack with lots of information, and yes anything is possible thanks mate i’ll keep in touch.

  2. Paul

    The sky’s the limit Pierre! With the information you provide us with, it’ll help us get there!


  3. Shaun

    Keep coming with the content Pierre! You’re off to a great start, you will be ranked and sitting tall before you know it 🙂

  4. Sharon Schovajsa

    Hi Pierre,
    I appreciate your approach. Great looking site and wish you much success at becoming a Millionaire! Freedom is the most important thing in life and yet a lot of us take it for granted. Here in America and in Germany also, I imagine, freedom is definitely not free. We have someone fight on our behalf everyday for it! It’s great that we have the opportunity to become millionaires or anything we want. Go for it!!! Don’t ex out the chance to be a husband and a father. Having a family is great fun! You reminded me of the commercial on TV about the guy who says he doesn’t want kids – his wife is pregnant – the child writes on the wall with crayon – he says he doesn’t want anymore kids – she says she is pregnant – the child comes and at the end of the commercial – he says he wouldn’t change a thing. That’s Life and Families are Great! Can you tell I am a Grandmother? Have a great day! Your site is wonderful!
    God bless you!
    Feel free to visit my sites and leave a comment.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Sharon,

      thank you very much for your kind comment. Freedom is definitely the most important thing but the most of us are not free. In my opinion you are free when you mostly do the things you love and a lot of people don´t do that. I want to travel a lot in my life. I want to see the world. I want to experience adventures. Therefore I need to make money from home because that is not possible with a 9 to 5 job. I definitely do not ex out a family and kids but at the moment I am definitely not ready for this chapter in my life haha. I am glad to hear that you are so happy with your family and I am glad to hear that you like my website – Thank you very much!

      All the best my dear,


  5. Terry

    Hello Pierre

    You site is very nicely constructed are you going to add different types of versions of ebooks for your site. I like the dropped down menu options.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Terry,

      thank you.
      Yes, I want to create an ebook in the future.


  6. Marilyn

    Hi Pierre, You have a a versatile website. I like the way you present the many online marketing companies and the way you scrutinize each one for legitimacy or scam. All your readers will be able to make an intelligent decision of which one they believe will help them earn money. It is hard to choose the right one without help. One can spend many hours trying to find the right company. When they visit your site, it all will be laid out for them. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Heeni Kerekere

    Thank you Pierre,

    Much appreciated for your sharing information, reviews and comments, I too am looking for freedom of life and choices, this really has helped me believe I can do this too, wishing you all the best and thanks a million
    Heeni 🙂


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