A Guide to Keyword Research – Keyword Trick For High Rankings

By | April 11, 2015

A guide to Keyword ResearchAs you might know it is important to choose the right keywords when writing content or promote your products or products of others. You have to search a keyword you want to rank under and implement it in your post.
However it can be difficult to rank immediately under your particular keyword and you won´t rank under every keyword you targeted on page one of the search engines. Sometimes there is just too much competition that pays for high rankings.
Fortunately there is a great trick to increase your chances on ranking under your targeted keyword on the first page of google.
All you need for that is a very accurate keyword tool. Here is a guide to keyword research for high rankings!

The Low Hanging Fruit – Wait, what?

You might ask yourself now what I mean with low hanging fruit. A low hanging fruit is simply a keyword that has very low competition. Besides that those keywords have lower traffic volume but that means that it is easier to rank under those keywords. You just have to check a few things. Read below what keyword research results you should look for.

The Keyword Research Results to Look For

I do my keyword research with the keyword tool Jaaxy which I reviewed here. Jaaxy is very accurate and it helps a lot to find the low hanging fruits. The keyword tool you see in the screenshots is Jaaxy.

Make sure that you always go for the 100/100 rule = 100 competition / 100 searches a month

  1. That means your targeted keyword should not have more competition than 100. 100 means that you keyword tool found 100 search results (QSR at Jaaxy.) Basically that means that you do not have more competition than 100 websites which is very low.
  2. The monthly search volume should always be about 100. It is okay if there are more searches in a month but always keep in mind: The more searches a keyword gets, the more competition there will be.

That might be a little bit confusing if you are a beginner so have a look at this screenshot.Find good keywords with Jaaxy

You can see the keyword I chose has a QSR of 66 that means that there are 66 competitors for my exact (!!) keyword.
Besides that my keyword has over a hundred searches a month but it is still close to 100, so it is a low hanging fruit.

The Search Engine Result Pages Should be Checked (SERPs)

Great you found your keyword! However that is not all. If you found your keyword (the low hanging fruit) you should always search your particular keyword in the search engines. You should pick Google since Google is the biggest search engine. So head over to Google search your keyword and have a look at the Search Engine Result Pages (Shortform: SERPs … a little Jargon here…urgh).
To make it easy: The Search Engine Result Pages are the website that Google shows you when you are searching your keyword. In other words the SERPs are your competition.

Now you might ask yourself why we have to search again for competition? We already made sure that we have very low competition! – That is right but to increase your chances on ranking on the first page of Google(for example) you have to look who already is one the first page of Google. Who is your competition on the first page?

If you see a lot of authority websites on the first page like Amazon or Wikipedia for example, it might be harder to rank under your keyword as you first thought. A lot of advertisments can be an indicator for that too.

Too Much Information? Here is a Simplified Checklist

If you are a beginner this might be a little bit confusing so here you have a simple checklist.

  1. Get a very accurate keyword tool that gives you exact information about competition. (I recommend Jaaxy)
  2. Look for keywords that have nearly 100 searches a month and 100 or less competition (100/100 rule)
  3. If you found a good keyword search it in Google and make sure that there are not too much authority websites or Advertisment
  4. If your Keyword is okay have it in the title of your post and in the first paragraph of your post. (More tips here on how to use keywords.)

A Hundred Searches a Month Are Not Enough?!

Don´t worry about that. If you write a lot of posts and pages with lots of keywords it will add up over time. Besides that you will not only rank for the keywords you targeted if you write a lot of content. The search engines will crawl through your whole content and they will find a lot of keywords there. However don´t stuff your your content with keywords, write it naturally and keep in mind step 4 of the checklist above.
That is the whole trick! 🙂

If you are interested in the Keyword Tool Jaaxy just click here for my review about it. If you decide to sign up for the Keyword Tool you will automatically get 30 Free Searches!

I hope this post was easy to understand. If you have any questions just ask me in the comments below and I will be happy to help you out!
Do you have any experience with using low hanging fruits? Tell me in the comments below!

Let´s make that Million!


3 thoughts on “A Guide to Keyword Research – Keyword Trick For High Rankings

  1. Jerry

    Hi Pierre, a very interesting read on a topic that is very important. I had never heard of the 100/100 rule, is this specific to the low hanging fruit keywords only? Cheers, Jerry

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Jerry!

      Yeah it is specific to the low hanging fruit. With the low traffic volume you avoid too much competition 🙂



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