101 Digital Affiliate Hacks – My honest review

By | September 22, 2015

101 Digital Affiliate Hacks reviewProduct: 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks
Owner: Stuart Walker
Price: $9.70
Rating: 85 out of 100

If you are an internet marketer and looking for some resources to increase your knowledge you may stumbled upon 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker. The reason why you are here is probably that you want to know if you should spend your money on this product. Good! You came to the right place! Here is my 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks review.

What Is 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks?

If you are a beginner and looking for a way to make money with affiliate marketing you should not purchase this ebook, maybe try it with this program here. 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks is just for internet marketers who are already in the business and looking for ways to increase their traffic, their sales and much more.

This ebook has 58 pages and it is split in 4 sections:

  • Picking a product
    Here you will learn how to find products which are converting very well
  • Traffic
    This shows you how you can get converting traffic to your sales pages
  • Email marketing in general and how to build your list
    As you might know, email marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online, so you definitely should learn how to do it. This section will show it to you!
  • Increasing Conversions & Sales
    That is self explaining. Increasing conversions means more money and that is what we all want, right?

Further I think it is important to mention that Stuart Walker is a big name in this industry. He is known for his good advice and knowledge.

Why 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks is different

You might say now when reading this that there are thouuusands of guides on the internet which promise the same stuff as 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks. They are supposed to show you some good tips, but in the end it is always just some general information. Something like: Write high quality content; Aim for 1500 word per post, the higher the better…bla bla bla bla.

I know that you can get those ebooks everywhere, that is why I want to point out now why 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks is totally different.

First of all Stuart Walker provides some tips for your business which you might have never seen before in any ebook. For example he recommends a lot of stuff where you see things through your buyers eyes. Of course I can´t tell you in detail now what tips he means, but in my opinion those tips are great, since they will lead to more trust of your visitors.

There is a big community actually

101 Digital Affiliate Hacks scamI was very surprised to see this. After purchasing 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks you will be asked to join the Facebook group of 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks. You might know the Facebook groups about making money online. Everyone just spams their sh*t that no one is interested in. Most of the times those spams are offers to join some MLM companies, or other scammy programs. No real value there.

The FB group of 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks is totally different. First of all the group has already 5000 members and the people there are very helpful. They post really good tips which can help you to improve your business. Further Stuart Walkers does post there daily and offers a great support to his buyers. Absolutely great.

Is 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks worth the money?

I know that you might say now that you can get tips about internet marketing everywhere and you are absolutely right. BUT I can only say it again, the tips you will get from 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks are pretty unique. Further the Facebook groups of Stuart Walker is absolutely great. You can learn so much from the tipps and the conversations there AND of course from Stuart Walker himself.

If you are a more experienced internet marketer who is in the business for a couple of years you might not get much from this ebook, since you made enough mistakes and learned a lot about this industry. If you are an internet marketer who considers himself more as a beginner, however, you will get some really good tips here.

So I definitely recommend 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks and I can´t believe it to be honest. There are not a lot of products which I actually recommend and in the last time all the programs I reviewed were scams or totally useless … just drank a glass of champaign with myself and shouted a loud “Woooooooo” when the bottle popped.

101 Digital Affiliate Hacks is legit!

What should you do if you are a totally beginner?

So you might want to buy 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks, but it will not tell you everything to get started with affiliate marketing. You should have a look at my #1 recommendation. It is a program on affiliate marketing suited to beginners and it helped me to get started. Actually I make a consistent income online now.

Best thing about it is that you can test it fro free. Just take a test drive and if you don´t like it, just leave. 🙂

Let me know what you think about my 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks review. Did it help you? Do you know now if you want to buy it or not? If this product is for you or not? Tell me about it in the comment section.

All the best,


2 thoughts on “101 Digital Affiliate Hacks – My honest review

  1. Andrew

    Awesome review Pierre. Im definitely going to buy this in the future. and seems like a great addition to those of us using Wealthy Affiliate. Really stoked to find this.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Andrew,

      thank you for your comment 🙂
      Yes, this product is awesome.

      To build my online business, I never needed another resource than Wealthy Affiliate to be successful. Everything you need to build your business is there, that is why I always recommend this program, it is complete and always up to date.

      However there might be a time when you want to have a look at other products and 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks is definitely a good product to have a look at and yes, it might be a great addition.

      By the way, did you already have a look at my review of Stuart Walkers other product which teaches you how to find your perfect niche in 7 easy steps? Well, there is the link to it 🙂

      All the best,



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