1 Hour Survey Review – The 1 Hour Survey Scam!

By | September 26, 2015

1 Hour Survey ReviewIf people are looking for a way to earn money online, the most common method is to look for paid surveys and I just do not know why! I reviewed a couple of survey sites and none of them was really legit. You always have to watch out on those sites, since taking the surveys can include hidden costs.
Besides that it is just not lucrative! Maybe 1 Hour Survey is an exception here? I am sceptical, but hey, I am going to be objective with my 1 Hour Survey Review. Have fun! ….or not.

What is 1 Hour Survey?

Obviously 1 Hour Survey / 1hrsurvey.com is a website where you can earn money through taking surveys.
There is not really something special about this website it is just like any other paid survey scam… ehhh.. website out there. You are asked to pay some money so that you are able to get access to the holy survey site and then you can take the surveys.

Funny thing about that is that you can find most of the surveys, which are offered at 1 Hour Survey, on the internet. You just have to do a little bit of research and boom there is the survey. That would not cost you one dollar. It would only cost you time…. “only”.
I mean who would not love to spent some valuable time to find some surveys, fill them out and get about 1 to 2 dollars for that? I mean that is damn lucrative right?

NO it is NOT!

This is lucrative!

What I like about 1 Hour Survey

Nothing…. okay maybe the name, because it is so honest. 1 hour for one survey. (And probably $1 for one survey… $1 for one hour of time, wow so much money!…lol)

What I do not like about 1 Hour Survey

Although I escalated already a little bit in the “What is 1 Hour Survey” – chapter, I repeat here what I do not like about 1 Hour Survey.

The price

Do you know what you are paying for?  You only pay 1 Hour Survey for gathering all the surveys they could find and show them to you. I think that is not worth 50 bucks.

Surveys aren´t lucrative

Till now I´ve never seen a survey which would pay me $5 for filling it out. To fill out the surveys will take you 30 minutes to an hour and on those paid survey websites they do not offer unlimited surveys. Most of the time you only can fill out a limited amount of surveys in a specific time. If you reached that amount of surveys, you have to wait untill they offer you new surveys. No way to make real money here.

The paid testimonials

1 Hour Survey has some weird testimonials on their website. You can see Youtube videos of people who tell you how satisfied they are with 1 Hour Survey. You can easily tell that those people are actors and not real people who tried the survey site. See yourself and have a good laugh!

What does it tell you when they need actors for that? Yes! No one is satisfied with 1 Hour Survey.

Is 1 Hour Survey a scam?

I don´t want to say that this is a scam, but it is a fact that you can´t make real money with paid survey sites. Do not waste your money on sites like this.

My Verdict

Taking surveys is just a waste of your time!

1 Hour Survey is not worth the money!

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I hope that my 1 Hour Survey review could save you some bucks. Tell me in the comments below if it did!
What was the highest amount of money you made with one survey? I´m curious! Leave me a message in the comment section.

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